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In my customer base, a 40-year-old middle-level manager often asks me how I can maintain my competitiveness after I am 45, or how I can collapse my business, can you find a new job? However, they often worry that their abilities and energy cannot compete with young people. Once their experience can be replaced, they lose the ability to compete. Now I have a salary of 10 thousands or 20 thousands in a month, but I am confused about the future.

The middle-aged crisis, or the middle-aged workplace crisis, is a very tricky problem. For a long time, it is difficult to compare the career planning of the student group or the guidance of senior managers. Although there are many cases, it is impossible to sum up a universal solution, because there are many challenges facing middle-aged people, including family, work, interpersonal, and emotional, and so on.

A common phenomenon is that a house, a car, or a child, has a high or low position. It is usually a technical bureaucracy because the technical background is promoted, management is usually an "expert" Manager, which relies on expert power for management. In the middle age, pure technology tends to lag behind young people, especially in the IT industry and traditional manufacturing industry. Limited management means; perfectionist preferences are often sullen; looking for a way out for career development, but not at all; facing the cycle of economic crisis, it is often the second or third wave of company layoffs.

We need to clarify what is the definition of career development for middle-aged support providers, whether it is further technical development, management development, or so-called dual-channel development, you must give yourself a clear answer based on your own personality and strengths. Usually management experts can continue to expand in their positions. If you are never a manager, please give up your "tireless" on this channel after recognizing this fact ", this is just deceiving yourself and killing time. Indeed, we can also mix up to 45 years old, and we will be sad in the future, especially the first generation of people in the 1970s S. If we do not plan well now, after year 45, the country will be worried about the new "4050.

In the middle age, the most important task of a typical technical bureaucracy is to organize its own knowledge system. One focus of career planning is to determine that you cannot compete with young people in new technologies, how can we still maintain one of our "technical advantages ". We cannot compete in new programming technologies, cading, and using new devices. Our technical advantages lie in our thinking ability, system ability, and knowledge breadth, this is the theory of the intelligence of the crystal and fluid of the cart. Based on this principle, the middle-aged technical bureaucracy should participate in management with the role of mentor, rather than getting into the alley of trendy technologies. Among our previous generation, there will always be one or two out of ten who are at the level of Uncle, Uncle, uncle, and aunt in the traditional manufacturing industry who will be hired after retirement, employers focus more on not only their technologies, but also on the ability to rely on them to teach, bring apprentices, and share knowledge.

This is also a problem that I often think about. Maybe I think a little earlier. I also saw the loss and helplessness of other middle-aged crisis groups before year 45, to apply for a job in a management position and a round of young people who are younger than them, to maintain their position in the boss's mind, they have to work overtime. For a good job, they have to stay in Suzhou, people are in Shanghai or Ningbo. In the end, they may have to work for much less people than themselves. Therefore, my preparation is to organize my professional knowledge when I am still hired. Instead of being skilled, I will organize a system and process, I call it a knowledge base-knowledge base. Because my goal is very clear, I hope that in the future I can use it to teach my knowledge and help young people. What I do better than them is my experience and knowledge. I still need to master the technology of "Teaching" when I have the knowledge. Therefore, the appropriate TTT training, consulting and counseling technologies also need to be mastered.

The knowledge must be recognized so that you can gain a certain reputation in the industry or in the circle with limited time. Therefore, our technical talents must be able to write professionalArticleThis is the capability of documentation. The technology of the Internet is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Using the Expert Blog system, you can concatenate blogs on industrial portal websites and write high-quality opinions, which is much more effective than learning by yourself. Also, we need to systematize our own knowledge, which does not need to be original. we can collect, translate, and organize the knowledge in the vast network, using your own language to organize, summarize, and publish e-books is a typical way to build your own real expert role! Let's take a look at this young expert in the field of time management (or a student). After fifteen or twenty years, he can rely on this to accumulate more money and social positions. So why didn't we think of it fifteen years ago? Is this knowledge exclusive to him? Is this sort, collection, and induction capability exclusive to him?

The above is just my advice on traditional technical bureaucracy, because this is a common problem, so I have made some comments on this. However, it should be pointed out that in the middle-age crisis, the workplace crisis is often a fuse. Once ignited, psychological problems will come one after another, often involving the family, personal emotional field. Therefore, we really need to pay great attention to it. This is responsible for ourselves and for our families.

Finally, it should be pointed out that many middle-aged people who are facing the workplace crisis often think about their career development as "continuous learning and research". Therefore, in the face of these problems, I often take a course, take a course, take a certificate, and then give a certificate. When the time passes, I will look back, but it is just a bunch of outdated technologies, and some useless A4 paper. So, do you have to think about what the problem is?

Wu Xiaoyang

MBA; PMP; certified behavioural & career consultant

Access-China Consulting Co., Ltd


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