Mobile baby toy for Nokia series 60

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Mobile baby toy for Nokia series 60
Version: 1.71
Date: 2005-05-17
User rating: 9.60 (5 votes)
Downloads: 47502 (327 last week)

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A Moveable Feast
It often happens, that you need to entertain your child outdoors, and there're no toys in touch, or they don't help. the mobile baby toy might save you then. it will turn your mobile phone into amazing developmental toy, with which your baby can play alone, or with you.

Your baby's pal
You get a toy mobile phone, that answers to every key press with a nice picture and a funny tune, specific for each of 24 keys.

Alibaba games inside
A dummy mobile phone with real phone pictures and sounds, cartoon heroes, animal photos and drawings, babies photos... you can download new pictures & tunes sets into your phone or memory card, and select the theme you want in baby toy. so, this game will never make your child bored! As your baby grows, the toy will grow as well: Learn the alphabet and numbers.

Mobile baby toy handles all key presses itself. you can close this program only by typing a custom unlocking code. now you can give your mobile phone to your baby with no fear of losing a half of your address book or getting huge international call bills.

The program is localized into English, German, Finnish, and Russian.

Get additional themes from mobile baby toy web site.

Download Mobile baby toy for Nokia series 60:
1. babytoy. Sis
Size: 331.4 KB
Nokia series 60: Nokia 3600,362 0, 3650,366 0, 7650, N-Gage
Siemens 60 UI: Siemens SX-1
Nokia series 60v2: Nokia 3230,626 0, 6600,663 0, 6670,668 0, 7610
Download to Mobile:OpenWap.getjar.comWith your mobile-> quick download-> enter quick download code1563
Download to PC: DownloadBabytoy. Sis
Additional themes
(Require mobile baby toy installed in the phone;
Can be used with registered version only ):

Baby phone add-on theme(KB)
This theme makes your phone sound and look like a real mobile phone: well-known Nokia phone user's interface graphics and tones.

Wild Life add-on theme(432kb)
Contains wild animals 'photos and sounds. recommended for 3-4 years old. Please don't leave your child alone with it because harsh natural sounds can be frightening.

Bambino add-on theme(340kb)
This theme is a baby pal for your child (recommended for 1-2 years old). It contains babies pictures and baby talk sounds.

Alphabet 1 add-on theme(221kb)
Learn the English alphabet with letters being read by little boy, and matching pictures.

Cartoons add-on theme(340kb)
Presents popular cartoon heroes.

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