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To use moss2007, you must install SQL server2005 and moss2007 in the Active Directory. If you only deploy the moss server, you must install all the relevant tools.
Most Moss program demos are installed on Virtual Machine software vendors. It should be noted that if you need to deploy it in a formal production environment or develop it yourself, we strongly recommend that you install it on your computer instead of using a virtual machine. Otherwise, more hardware resources will be required. If you plan to enjoy all kinds of fun brought about by moss development, the computer's memory will need at least 2 GB. Otherwise, the system will suffer and wait.

Operating System: Windows2003. Do not forget it.

(1) Installation-related components

After windows is successfully installed, You need to manually add some necessary components
Start> Settings> Control Panel> add or delete programs. Open the windows component wizard interface.

Select the Domain Name System (DNS) under the network service item)

Select POP3 Service in email

Select Internet service information (IIS) and application server console under "Application Server"

Continue to select SMTP service under Internet Information Service (IIS). Now the Windows2003 component has been installed.


(2) AD Configuration

Ad configuration is very important. The use of moss2007 requires an ad environment.
Start> program> Management Tools> Manage Your servers
Click "add or delete role"
Click domain controller, and then click Next.
Select the new domain controller and click Next
Create a new domain, select a domain in the New Forest, and click Next


In the domain name text box, enter
The default NetBIOS Domain Name Is intranet. click Next.
Default database and log folder
Default shared system volume
Select the second item for DNS registration Diagnosis


Default Permissions
The Administrator Password in directory service recovery mode is set to null.

3. SQL Server 2005

If you find that the options are gray, it indicates that you are not in order, you should first install IIS, ASP. net2.0 registration, and then the SQL Server


(4) moss2007 Installation

Install. NET Framework 3.0 before installing moss2007

In moss2007 installation, select "Advanced installation", that is, "select single server settings or server farm Settings"

Select complete server type, install all components, and add servers to form a Sharepoint farm

You can also set the file location

V click "Install now". The system prompts you to restart

After the restart, click Start> program> Microsoft Office Server> SharePoint product and Technical Configuration Wizard and click Next

V. Click "yes ".

V. Select "No, I want to create a new server farm" and click Next.

Enter the database server and database name, and the Administrator's username and password. Click Next to specify the port for a Web application in the SharePoint Management Center. Here, the port is set to 10000, and the Web application verification provider is set to NTLM. Then, click Next.

Both moss2007 and WSS have SP1 packages and install related patches.
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Serivce Pack 1 (SP1)
2007 Microsoft Office servers services pack1 (SP1)
To install moss2007sp1, you must install wss3.0sp1.

Start Menu-> Program-> Microsoft Office Server-SharePoint 3.0 management center, enter the user name and password





Click Application Management-> create or expand a web application



Create a web application and set the port to 9000.



After determining the search server, after a period of waiting, the system will prompt you that you have created an application. Then you need to create a website set template and select "Collaboration Portal" on the "publish" tab ". At the same time, set the website set administrator. after entering the administrator, wait for a while. The primary website is successfully created and viewed at http: // MEI: 9000/



Create a shared service

In a server farm, multiple applications may be created. Each application may need services such as search, personal portal, and form services, to make these services available to every application, moss2007 treats the functions required by all applications as shared services. In this way, you only need to create a shared service so that all applications in the server farm can use it.
Click share service management, and then click Create SSP"


In the SSP web application drop-down box, select an application with port 9000.
In the web application drop-down box set for my website, select an application with port 9000.



Other Installation


Install SP1 in vs2005 in C #.
To write managed code in infopath2007, you must install Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for applications (vsta)
You need to install excel2007 to create charts and install outlook2007 to send and receive emails.
Convenient page design. SharePoint designer2007 is indispensable during moss2007 development.


(5) configure the mail service


Open SMTP Service



Right-click "Default SMTP virtual server", and select the attribute command from the pop-up menu.




On the access tab, click the authentication button in access control to ensure that anonymous users can access


Click Connect in Connection Control to set




Click the relay button in the relay restriction. In the displayed dialog box, select "except the following list", and select "allow all computers that have passed authentication to relay, ignore the above table"



POP3 Configuration
Start> program> Administrative Tools> POP3 Service
By default, you need to add a domain. Right-click the server's node named "Mei", create a new domain, and enter Right-click the node to add a mailbox. By default, the mailbox and the user are associated.




After the configuration is complete, configure outlook2007




Configure the outgoing mail server in Moss. Go to sharepoint3.0 management center and click operations



Click "outgoing email settings". You also need to set the incoming email. Select "whether to enable the email receiving function for the website on this server" and select "yes ".

To develop a moss-based project in vs2005, You need to configure the following work environment:
Install Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
Install the development workflow component Visual Studio 2005 extensions for the. NET Framework 3.0
Install wss3.0 SDK and moss2007 SDK











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