MSI production-free serial Number installation package method _ Application Tips

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The tool used in this article: Orca, you can download in to quite like the Orz hehe
The following is a brief introduction to Orca:

Orca is a Microsoft-supplied database table editor for Windows Installer. Can be used to edit Windows Installer database file (. msi) files, merge module (. msm) files, patch (. msp) files, internal consistency calculation program (. cub) files, and patch creation properties (. PCP) files. is the best assistive tool for modifying and localizing Windows Installer databases.
The main features are:
-You can add, delete, import, export, and rearrange data tables arbitrarily;
-You can copy, paste, add, delete, edit rows and cells arbitrarily;
-You can view data cells in decimal or hexadecimal mode;
-You can create, apply a transform (. mst) file;
-Can validate the database, merge Modules and dialog box Gongs;
-You can view and modify summary information;

First take the PowerWord 2005 installation package To do an example:
1 with Orca.exe open PowerWord installation disk (don't play in the CD can't save) PowerWord 2005.msi
2 Click on the list on the left to select control (stored in controls that are used during installation)
3 on the right side of the list "control" (where control represents the definition name of the space), find "SerialNumber"
4 in this corresponding row, modify the contents of "TEXT" (the content displayed by the control), the original content is <???? -???? -???? -???? Put the???? in the angle brackets Change to serial number can
5 Save Exit!

Then run PowerWord 2005.msi, you will find in the input sequence number of that step, already have serial number, and do not need you to re-enter!

After my experiment, some of the installation package can be modified by this method, another part, such as Acrobat Professional installation package, modified after the installation, serial number is still no input status. Should be in the program to make a limit, this method is not modified. Can be modified by other locations to achieve the goal, but also invited you to the talent experiment! ~~

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