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There are many types of access networks in China, so I have studied the two access networks that are commonly used. I would like to share them with you here and hope they will be useful to you. Security Attacks against enterprises are growing. The "Interop New York" meeting in New York this week provided a place to showcase products that address network administrator defense concerns. Mazu Network, a network behavior analysis company, was one of the vendors that released new products and upgraded existing products at the meeting. The company upgraded its Mazu Profiler System. Mazu said the upgraded product has improved intelligence about network users, their activities, and the important business systems they use. The network behavior analysis system version 7.0 provides network administrators with functions such as application, user and path identification, and bidirectional integration at the management layer. Mazu says this feature can create more intelligent and actionable alerts.

Like many of the products released at the Interop (networking enterprise application and Software Interoperability Research) Conference, Mazu's products help network professionals make procurement decisions by providing internal trends and emerging technologies. Market research firm Current Analysis's Security Information Analyst Charlotte Dunlap said Mazu insisted on serving the threat protection field, network professionals are attempting to provide more in-depth information about user behavior to better respond to known threats. Mazu's integration of core user technologies, including network and security management products, will help applications in this emerging market.

According to Mazu, the purpose of the upgrade function is to provide enterprises with more information about network users, online user activities, and important business systems they use. Three new features are available: Application profiling, which provides deeper information through layer-7 Analysis of the Application, regardless of the port number. User identification, this function associates risks and threats with specific users. Path recognition provides information about how people and applications communicate over the network.

Network Access Control (NAC) is a hot topic. Therefore, it is not surprising that products in this field become news of this week. StillSecure released the Safe Access 5.0 network Access control system software. This software can help enterprises protect the security inside and around the network. Safe Access 5.0 applies a single management platform to network Access control through a centralized management console. This management platform integrates various features such as policy management, endpoint testing, and enforcement activities.

The system also uses a forced execution server cluster to accommodate thousands of users distributed across different locations. This system also provides multi-user and task-based access networks. Safe Access 5.0 supports various environments and various endpoints, including LAN, remote, contract, visitor, and wireless connections. This new version of software also includes a new user interface, mainly for various installation from a single website to a large enterprise network.

Security system chip vendor Mistletoe technology company mainly uses access networks for VPNs, firewalls, and chips used to defend against DoS attacks. The company also launched a new product for network access control. Mistletoe and OEM partners jointly launched a new VPN device.

Freedom9, an IT connection product manufacturer, has launched a VPN device based on the Mistletoe technology. The device named Blaze 2100 is a Gigabit Ethernet Firewall/VPN device with eight ports. It can provide 2 Gbit/s firewall protection and 2 Gbit/s 3DES/aes vpn throughput.

According to freedom9, this network access device solves security concerns around the network, eliminates threats to internal networks, and integrates extensive denial-of-service attacks and distributed denial-of-service attack protection capabilities, block attacks that may paralyze Firewall/VPN devices. The company said its products were mainly used in the school environment and claimed that the devices had low power consumption, high reliability of both active and passive sources, and were compatible with products from multiple vendors. These can help simplify the integration of such products to the current network.

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