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A few days ago we must have received from Namecheap official mail notice has replaced a very beautiful backstage management panel, let us hurry to try. Today, when I went to try it, I was suddenly blindfolded, and many of the features needed were not found and the speed of the backstage opening was slow. But it's a lot simpler to experience and function than it was in the background.

If for our frequent contact with overseas host, domain name users, the basic use should not be a problem, nothing more than a simple analysis and other management functions, as well as account information management, where the old left on the simple namecheap back to the new management panel common functions of simple to share, Because these days there are several netizens asked how to use, perhaps this article can help these netizens.

First, panel overview

We enter the panel, we can see a lot simpler than the original panel, generally we only need to manage more domain names, so on the left side, you can see the expiration domain name (expiring Soon), all domain names list, as well as other products (product list), As well as personal information (profile), if we want our namecheap account to be more secure, you can add setup two times to authenticate, login to the account when receiving SMS authentication code.

Second, set two times password authentication

We can see the Quick wizard that starts two times password protection directly on the front page of the panel, also can start and set up in Profile→security→two-factor authentication.

We can set up to accept SMS (free of charge) and then enter our phone number and NC account password to open successfully. This allows us to login to the NC account will require a 5-digit verification code before we can enter the interface.

Third, expired domain Name list

If we are in the Namecheap account of more domain names, and generally I will regularly check (month end) whether there is a domain name expiration, if from the time sorting is also a way, or we directly look at the map to select the expiring domain name, see one months ahead of the need to renew the domain name, Then choose to renew the fee or cancel the automatic renewal according to the demand.

Four, domain name management

Here we use overseas domain name most is to this domain name resolves a record or alias CNAME parsing, as well as the replacement DNS, starts I need to change the resolution when really did not find the place.

To find the domain name we need to parse and manage, click the Manage button at the back.

1. Renewal and cancellation of the domain name of automatic renewal fee

For the sake of safety, if we do not want or are unsure about the renewal of the domain name, we can first cancel the automatic renewal fee. You can also register/renew for a number of years for a domain name that requires long-term use.

2, transfer and transfer of ownership of the domain name

This is still more important, for example, we have a domain name need to transfer to other people's NC account, directly into other people's accounts and mailboxes, if we need to transfer out of other registrars, we need to unlock the first, and then check the current domain whois information is our own, and then get transfer code, will be sent to our Whois mailbox.

3. Domain Name resolution

Here we can choose direct a-record parsing or alias-like parsing. This is only possible if you are using NC DNS. If we use other third party DNS, we need to set up DNS (click Edit after domain namecheap type).

If we are Chinese site, then use the domestic ALI million network DNS, dnspod or recently discussed the relatively good CLOUDXNS DNS service. If it is foreign, then we can directly use the NAMECHEAP DNS.

Summary, generally we use namecheap nothing but also on these functions, but we need to manage the security of the account is the most critical, including the integrity of personal information, mailboxes can be accepted at any time to mail, and set two times password verification is still relatively good

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