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NetApp's global business continued to grow rapidly in the last fiscal 2014, with a total revenue of $6.3 billion. NetApp continues to consolidate its leading position in the area of dominance by maintaining market share in storage operating systems, public cloud-enabled storage and converged infrastructures, according to Nicholas, vice president of NetApp Global and Greater China. NetApp is able to achieve such excellent results, mainly due to three aspects: innovative technology and products, the support of many partners and excellent corporate culture. "In FY 2015, enterprise-level customers and cloud service providers will be the focus of our attention. "Nicholas said.

NetApp is the industry's first manufacturer of cluster storage and has been the first to apply cluster storage to the enterprise customer market with good feedback. With the cluster-mode storage operating system NetApp Data Ontap gradually maturing, the storage FAs series for NetApp shared architectures has also been deployed more broadly. In the last fiscal year, the NETAPP FAS series Storage has completed an important adjustment, forming a new combination of entry-level storage and high-end storage, fused with midrange storage.

In the 2015 fiscal year, the release of the current highest-end FAs 8080 EX and the latest entry-level storage FAS2500 of NetApp set a new tone for the future innovation of the FAS series.

NETAPP FAS 8080 Ex is based on the Data Ontap operating system and is optimized for enterprise applications at all levels with "5 9" high availability. Tested and validated, NETAPP FAS 8080 ex achieves 4 million IOPS performance, with 40 processor cores, 256GB high-speed dram, 1440 drives, and flash-based acceleration. "A user with more than 20 data centers across the country, in order to consolidate these data centers, the user uses the FAS 8080 EX, to achieve a unified sharing of storage resources." This application is best suited to FAS 8080 ex. "Yongqinghong, technical manager at NetApp Asia Pacific.

NETAPP FAS 8080 Ex can also be configured as a hybrid array that blends hard drives with solid state drives (SSDs), dramatically reducing response times for OLTP and other business-critical workloads. NetApp testing has shown that migrating an OLTP database workload from an environment of a pure SAS hard drive to a hybrid array of SSD and SATA hard drives can reduce storage costs by more than 40% per terabyte and reduce power consumption by more than 25%. With a small number of SSDs you can achieve the goal of accelerating and saving the overall cost. As a result, many enterprise users are more highly respected for hybrid arrays.

Up to now, NetApp has sold up to 93PB of flash capacity, with mixed-array sales of 30,000 units and all-flash array sales of about 1000 units. Some users use the NetApp FAS series Flash solution together with the EF series Flash solution.

Yongqinghong says that FAS2500 will redefine entry-level storage. Compared to other storage of the same type, FAS2500 is a representative of the move down of high-end storage technology, incorporating more intelligent features that were previously only available in the FAS series of high-end storage, with significant performance and capacity improvements. "FAS2500 is a new platform for entry-level storage application design, innovation in both software and hardware, flexibility to adapt to the development of the enterprise, smooth upgrade from a lower configuration, and the ability to progressively transition from entry-level products to more high-end product models in the FAS series with no barriers. "Yongqinghong said.

The FAS2500 can also be configured as a hybrid array mode for HDD plus SSD, which increases the processing speed of the workload by 46% and increases the usable capacity by 48%. FAS2500 also added the onboard unified target Adapter Unified target Adapter 2 to support more applications and provide better connectivity than the previous generation.

IDC's statistics show that in 2011-2013, NetApp's revenue in the Chinese market grew by an average of 35%, thanks to NetApp's rapid growth in a number of verticals and tertiary markets. Nicholas said that NetApp's business revenue growth in the tertiary market was more than one-fold in the first-tier market.

In the converged infrastructure market, the Flexpod cloud platform that NetApp and Cisco have built together has won wide acclaim from users. Up to now, Flexpod's cumulative sales have exceeded $2 billion. "In the future, we will continue to lead the development of cloud computing, converged infrastructure and flash memory," Nicholas said. ”

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