Nokia 6300 mobile phone How to grid, Nokia phone repeatedly restart, do not boot how to do

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6788i how to format C disk

6788i c Disk memory how to release

No matter what cell phone, if the automatic restart, can not do anything, first the memory card and SIM card are unplugged and plugged into another phone to test whether there is a problem, if there is no problem, then the phone itself is a problem. General high-end mobile phones have their own memory (generally only a few 10 trillion size or so), the problem is in this a few 10 megabytes of memory, is generally the remaining 0 bytes available, and can not format this disk, Show hidden folders also do not see the content, all selected the contents of this disk only hundreds of KB, do not know the excess capacity by who occupied

The problem here is like some USB flash drives, and if the disk itself is problematic, it can cause a problem with capacity, so just format the disk.


Mobile phone can be formatted, that is, to restore the factory settings, there are a number of soft lattice machines and hard grid.

Soft lattice is only restore the phone system is the original disk of the file, do not format the system disk, the soft grid is only for the mobile phone system files, only after the soft lattice can not solve the problem only with hard chromium.

Hard chrome format system disk, then restore system files, hard chrome is used to recover the phone when the disk itself error occurs.

Soft lattice only for the mobile phone system files, only after the soft lattice can not solve the problem only with hard chromium. Hard chromium on the mobile phone has a certain damage, not the last resort, not hard chromium. (I started the new machine hard chromium 2 times, did not find obvious damage to the opponent machine, but the damage to the mobile phone is the teachings of Saipan predecessors, so we have to have a few)


Theory: The combination of soft and hard lattice is a grid machine, so that the phone factory settings, c disk files, space size also restore factory settings.

Statement: Hard lattice and soft lattice is actually the same effect, there is no hard aligning soft lattice full of the argument. Soft lattice is the way the phone can be launched into the standby screen and then through the input instructions to implement the lattice machine, and hard lattice is the phone due to the installation of some incompatible software, fonts and so on caused by repeated restart of the phone, or startup failure to enter the standby sector and provide a way to grid. The effect is exactly the same!


* #7370 #

Nokia S60 Phone factory reset (soft mesh machine), this command is usually in the case of the phone is in error or system garbage too much to use the Grid command, before the lattice machine can be used through third-party software or Nokia PC suite to back up your business card holder or required information, when the grid must maintain sufficient power, Do not take the charger lattice machine, only display the word "NOKIA" and bright screen, do not have to force the shutdown and unplug the battery, so as not to cause serious consequences, after the completion of the grid machine to re-enter the time, and then restore your business card folder and information can be, the lattice machine can restore all the original settings, the C: Then write the new system information, noting that this lattice machine does not affect the contents of the MMC card. S40 machine, Lattice machine is S60 's mobile phone can be, if S40 cannot boot, recommended to repair shop around 40 oceans, if not insured, go to the sale, usually free upgrade


Lattice machine method: Soft lattice is in the dial-up Interface input command "* #7370 #", do not include quotation marks, and then enter the phone password (nokia default is 12345) after automatic restart, automatic lattice machine, while S60v3 cell phone is in the state of shutdown, while holding down the "asterisk key + number 3 key + dial key" Do not let go, Then turn on the phone power switch (the power button only press and hold to the phone after the vibration to let go), wait until the Nokia Handshake icon can release the keys, then the cell phone has been hard lattice; for s60v5 cell phone hard lattice (such as 5230 of the latest mobile phones) and S60v3, just press the key is not the same. The specific method is in the state of shutdown, while holding down the "Dial key + Hang machine key + Camera key" Do not let go, and then turn on the power switch, wait until the handshake icon can be released.




Lattice machine principle (do not want to delve into the oil skip): Smart phones and computers, starting is the first self-test hardware, to ensure that the hardware failure after the introduction of the system boot. Of course, if the main hardware of the mobile phone failure, then how to grid machine is useless. After the phone entered the soft grid command, the next time the normal boot system to put a grid of commands, the phone after the restart of the self-test priority to execute the grid command, after the completion of the lattice machine normal boot into the system. Hard lattice also the same principle, restart the self-test after the detection of the "asterisk key + number 3 key + Dial key" This hard box command, then the self-test after the end of the priority to execute the grid batch command, and then normal boot into the system. this is the same as the computer boot, some computer BIOS can be by pressing certain function keys to achieve priority from the CD-ROM drive, USB boot, mobile phone start is the reason. From here we can think of the hard lattice, while pressing "asterisk key + number 3 key + dial key" Waiting for the process of letting go is actually at the beginning of the lattice machine command can be completed, do not wait until the Nokia handshake of the interface to let go. But Nokia is only a white screen when the computer is turned on, without any hint. So let's just wait until the Nokia handshake icon comes up! Anyway, now the mobile phone configuration is high, whether it is hard lattice or soft lattice, mobile phone from the boot to the normal system, are a few seconds, not like the old machine, a few minutes of the long wait!


Conclusion: Through the above description, the hard lattice and the soft lattice is the operation is different, after the soft lattice and the hard lattice, the machine running speed is the same! Everyone after the lattice machine as long as the soft lattice on it, not to the last resort when the hard lattice. Other lattice machine theory on the Web, I don't repeat it here.



Attached 1: Lattice machine after restore settings operation (go to the world left behind, has thousands of people testing useful): Restore business Card folder (including incoming call thumbnail image), call ring, single-key dialing, talk time display, call report, information storage location, photo (camera) machine storage location, shooting quality, etc...

1. menu → tools → memory card → options → backup phone storage to memory card

2. Use File management (file power or X-plorer,y Manager) to open the E-disk, will be more than a "BACKUP" folder, copy it to the C drive (to remember the storage location), save the BACKUP folder, after the end of the lattice machine will need it.

3. The first card, lattice after the copy to the C disk backup folder and then copied to the E disk. Pull the card.

4. Then the lattice machine (choose soft or hard grid depending on the situation).

5. After the lattice machine is complete and then plug in the memory card, do the following: function table → tools → memory card → options → recover from memory card.

6. Restart the phone OK.

Attached 2: Restore memory card data operation (transferred from the world left behind, has thousands of people to test useful):

Method One: 1. Each time you download and install the software that feels good (especially the software to be certified), change it to Chinese and put it on. It's best to put a computer in a computer.

2. Once the Gokager is complete, the software in the computer can be copied to the memory card via a data cable or card reader and installed.

Method Two: 1. Insert the memory card into the computer with the card reader and put the mouse on the mobile drive letter

2. Press the right mouse button → properties → tools → start backup

3. When it is back up, you can check the grid.

4. Then insert the memory card into the computer, right-click → properties → tools → restore


Give everyone a little reminder:

We must back up your business cards, SMS and other data before you need the grid machine. It is recommended that the PC suite be backed up on the PC, and then the lattice machine will be restored via the PC suite. (How to operate everyone installed PC Suite will understand, fool-like operation Oh, Nokia is very humane).


Finally, a long-winded paragraph. The following conditions do not need to be mesh machine:

Ⅰ: Sometimes the V5 version of the phone will appear what software can not be installed, even if the signature can not install, I have, has been resolved. Please see if your memory card storage is displayed as 1000MB~1024MB (perhaps not this range, but the solution can be imitated), this time just put something to the phone, the remaining capacity card out of this range, you can solve the problem.

Ⅱ: Sometimes your phone even the jar file will prompt the certificate error (jar is not required signature installation), this time do not rush to the grid, the solution is two —————— 1: Move the file to the phone storage, and then installed on the phone storage (if the card has a temporary problem, similar problems can be resolved)

2: Restart your phone (that's all I'm going to do, Ray). If neither of these approaches solves the problem, then grid.

Nokia 6300 mobile phone How to grid, Nokia phone repeatedly restart, do not boot how to do

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