Nokia battery Identification

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Nokia battery Identification

Machine friends in the jar are more concerned about the authenticity of the battery, especially the comprehensive identification of the article web site posted here, for the majority of machine friends reference.

The identification includes Nokia mainstream models of 11 battery BL-4C, BL-5C, BL-4CT, BL-4B, BL-6F, BL-5F, BP-5M, BP-6M, BP-6MT, BL-5B, BL-6C
If your battery model and version are not listed here, please post a description on the forum. The hippo will be added as soon as possible.
-Directory of this article-
Fake collection photos | about Nokia battery version
Basic Description: about Nokia battery laser anti-counterfeit mark | about boxed battery
Identify the authenticity of a specific model (click your battery model ):
Nokia BL-4B | Nokia BL-4CT | Nokia BL-5B | Nokia BL-5C
Nokia BL-5F | Nokia BL-6F | Nokia BP-5M | Nokia BP-6M
Nokia BP-6MT | Nokia BL-4C | Nokia BL-6C

-Fake collection photos
-About Nokia battery version-
1. nokia has Sony Electronics (Wuxi), Tianjin Samsung horizon, Sanyo energy, Zhuhai Panasonic, Sanyo Huaqiang and other factories for its battery production, so the same model of the original battery may have several different versions. Determine your battery version before identification.

-About Nokia battery laser anti-counterfeit mark description-
1. Nokia recently changed its new laser anti-pseudostandard (December March) and has removed the battery laser mark code verification from its official website. So we will see two different laser labels, one with a black scratch layer and the other with a new one without a black scratch layer (for example ).

2. Do not trust the laser mark. The photo below shows the laser mark purchased by the hippo for this identification. It is considered the same as the original one.

Nokia BL-4B battery authenticity Identification

Nokia BL-4CT battery authenticity Identification

Nokia BL-5C battery authenticity Identification

Nokia BL-5F battery authenticity Identification

Nokia BL-6F battery authenticity Identification

Nokia BP-5M battery authenticity Identification

Nokia BP-6M battery authenticity Identification

Nokia BP-6MT battery authenticity Identification

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