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Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's design director, N9 's stunning design last year made him a public sight.

Recently he received the interview of the Guardian, talked a lot about mobile phone interaction, about products, about Microsoft, about the next phone ...

There's no end to the revolution in mobile phone interaction.

"Some people think that the innovation of mobile interface interaction has been completed." He cites two main modes of mobile phone interface:

IOS: Multi-page tile applications, folders, plus a home button. Very elegant, very simple, but also too rigid. Five years ago, this is still the case, and there is not much improvement in core interactions.

Android, Symbian: Hang widgets on a multi-page personalized home screen, and many tasks can be done on the desktop.

Obviously Marko Ahtisaari doesn't think so, naturally, he mentions the Windows Phone's Live Tiles.

This is a completely different way-"glance" (glanceablity) Our goal is to provide a "head-up" (heads up) experience, in the restaurant you can see people are always low head to operate the phone, touch screen design is very easy to immerse, and we want to provide a more direct user interface, This way you don't have to bury yourself in your phone and look for goals that are becoming more and more small, not just the content of your phone, but the people and the environment around you.

Mobile phones are getting smarter and people are becoming more and more dependent on this. But the bad thing is that smartphones are sometimes a hindrance to intimacy, and have you noticed that more and more people are sitting on their phones instead of interacting with people around them? The idea of Windows Phone starts from here, and it wants you to "get in", but also "come out", because "the people and the environment are also important." ”

What do you need in addition to the excellent shape design?

Marko Ahtisaari enumerated a few points:

The intensity of the antenna receiving signal

Software and hardware improvements to the photo experience

Everything related to positioning and moving

Why do you say these points?

I don't think smartphones are getting more powerful, but the signal is getting worse. After the IPhone 4 "Signal Gate", no one wants to fall on the same issue. Lei June introduced Millet mobile phone when said one of the four bright spots is better signal, Marko also stressed the use of Lumia carbon resin body is conducive to signal reception.

More and more people want to replace digital cameras with smartphones in their hands. IPhone update iteration, the screen size has not changed, but the camera is a generation stronger than a generation; the camera is one of the most important factors of smartphone, and you will certainly see a lot of space in the evaluation of the camera, no wonder Marko to emphasize the importance of the "photo experience".

With regard to positioning and moving, this necessarily refers to Nokia's own maps and social positioning services. Nokia Drive is the exclusive application of Nokia WP7 handsets, and according to Nokia in the fourth quarter of last year's earnings, positioning and business assets writedowns of 1.2 billion euros, it can be seen how much the company's investment in this piece.

All the way down, think about it, but it's also asking, "What's the difference between Nokia's WP7 phone and other manufacturers?"

Joining hands with Microsoft, Nokia has become a hardware producer?

Marko Ahtisaari says Nokia has a wide range of product lines, and he is as interested in 10 euros as a mobile phone and a very expensive one. They are also making innovations in the user interface on other phones. Speaking of the WP7 system's mobile phone, he thinks that although the core UI sets a lot of limits, it can still be innovated in some parts.

On this issue Marko seems to be a bit of Taiji feeling, for now, Nokia can move on the system is really little, although the other manufacturers of WP7 mobile phone design is biased conservative and ordinary, Lumia series of excellent design so that Nokia's WP7 mobile phones have a greater degree of differentiation, but in the long term, It is difficult to distance yourself from other vendors by using an exclusive application alone. Nokia has been proud of the Symiban system has basically entered the low-end market, to regain the smart market share, WP7 is Nokia's last weapon. We also hope that Nokia can surprise us again, at least, Nokia will not allow itself to become a hardware manufacturer.

What ' s next?

From N9 to Lumia, Nokia has succeeded in catching people's appetites again, so what is Nokia's next surprise?

Marko said let's take a good look at the products already on the table, the next generation is already in development, and he also hinted that the next Lumia device may be equipped with NFC, and there is the possibility of removing the interface.

Of course, if you can take off a part, make the product more beautiful and elegant, then why not? This is where we can always improve, and we want to be the ultimate. Why do I have to have an interface?

Yes, if there is NFC, plus wireless charging technology, "why should there be an interface?"

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