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Mobile Network Settings
Access Point: Account name (cmwap ):
Access Point settings: Transmission Mode (group data)
Transmission Mode setting: Group Data Access Point (cmwap)
Authentication Type (normal)
Username (null)
Password (null)
Network: Account name (GPRS)
Home ( /)
Username (null)
Password (null)
Use the preferred access point (cancel)
Access Point settings: proxy (started)
Proxy address (
Proxy port (80)
Transmission Mode (group data)
Transmission Mode setting: Group Data Access Point (cmwap)
Authentication Type (normal)
Username (null)
Password (null)

MMS: Account name (MMS)
Server address ( /)
Preferred access point: (cancel)
Access Point settings: proxy (started)
Proxy address (
Proxy port (80)
Transmission Mode (group data)
Transmission Mode setting: Group Data Access Point (cmwap)
Authentication Type (normal)
Username (null)
Password (null)

You can use your mobile phone's browser or ucweb to access the Internet, but operamini (this browser is used when you buy it ?!) It is said that the connection is faulty. It may be because the network settings are incorrect. Which of the following experts can tell you how to set the connection?
If you can do this, you must keep score!

Questioner: yfscar-the best answer for magic Apprenticeship
If you are a China Unicom user, follow these settings:
APN: [none]

If you are a mobile user, follow these settings:
APN: cmnet
Proxy: 1. Address:
2. Port: 80


The full name of APN is Access Point name, and the full name is access point. It is a parameter that must be configured when you access the Internet through a mobile phone, it determines which access method your mobile phone uses to access the network.

There are two specific APN methods involved. One is to download the game online. In this case, the APN in your WAP browser is "cmwap ".

The other is to log on to the server through a client that has been downloaded. Most versions of xigame currently require you to use "cmnet" as the APN.

Nokia 6300 {s40} using cmnet, cmwap Method for Internet access settings (19:46:13) tags: Computer Nokia 6300 cmwap s40 setting method cmnet it classification: Mobile Phone Information

I used 6300. The following settings are applicable to Nokia s40,

Currently, the mobile Internet package does not distinguish between cmnet and cmwap. Therefore, we recommend that you use the cmnet method to access the Internet, which is faster. You can also connect to your computer through a mobile phone, you can use your laptop to access the Internet anytime, anywhere. Collect relevant information in another articleArticle.

How to configure the software network logon mode for Nokia s40 using cmnet and cmwap:

For cmnet (Internet), please confirm that your package traffic includes cmnet and then select this method!

Step 1

Settings → configuration settings → Personal Configuration Settings → operations → new → Network

Account: or another name

Home: (mobile dream) or other web site

Username: (null)

Password: (null)

Use Preferred access point: Cancel

Access Point settings:

Proxy: Disabled

Proxy address:

Proxy Port:

Transmission Mode: group data

Transmission Mode settings:

Group Data Access Point: cmnet

Network Type: IPv4

Authentication Type: normal

Username: (null)

Password: (null)

Step 2

Settings → configuration settings → preset configuration settings → select "Personal Configuration" → operations → set as preset

Step 3

Settings → configuration settings → preferred access point → cmnet

Set successfully. Now you can access the Internet.

If you want to log on with the mobile Dream network, you only need to change the "preferred access point" in step 3 to "Mobile GPRS (cmwap) "Or Change step 2" preset Configuration Settings "to" CMCC "to log on using cmwap. Do not change other settings


1. Select Settings-configuration settings-preset configuration settings and change to "Personal Configuration ".

2. Return to the configuration settings menu and select "Personal Configuration Settings ". Go to "Personal Account" and select "operation" -- "add" -- "network" (select network if a network exists)

3. Set Account name: cmwap

4. homepage: (write one at a time)

5. User name: (do not fill in)

6. Password: (do not fill in)

7. Use the preferred access point: Select "cancel"

8. Click to enter "Access Point Settings"

9. AGENT: started

10. Proxy address:

11. Proxy port: do not fill in (Note: This is not filled in 80, MMS is filled in, but it does not matter if you fill in 80)

Transmission Mode: group data (group data refers to GPRS)

Go to Transmission Mode settings:

Group Data Access Point: cmwap

Authentication Type: normal

User name: not filled

Password: No

Set successfully!

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