Nokia mobile phone Development: make the light as you like

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The Nokia 3220 imaging phone supports some new types of lighting effects. Red, orange, and green lights are installed in four plastic strips on both sides of the phone. There are 64 pre-defined sequences to activate these indicators. These sequences are pre-compiled and cannot be modified, but can be activated through the Nokia User Interface API in midlets.

API extensions for Nokia 3220 phone indicators are designed to be backward compatible with Nokia 3100 mobile phones. This means that the Nokia 3100 active cover extension's MIDlet can also be used on Nokia 3220 phones. However, there is another important difference: Unlike Nokia 3100, Nokia 3220 will give MIDI their respective light tracks to support flickering lights associated with music. This function has nothing to do with API extensions.

You can find the light setting in "app settings (game menu option)" in the Nokia 3220 phone menu. There are two lighting settings for the MIDlet: App. defined, indicating that the background light (Display Screen light and keyboard light) will flash according to the layout in the application; default, indicating that the background light is configured according to the usual phone light.

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