Nokia is optimistic about the future of the Linux mobile app and will launch new products

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Nokia is optimistic about the future of the Linux mobile phone application. It will launch a new product-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Nokia executives recently said that as internet mobile phones become more popular, it is expected that the Linux operating system will become more and more important in its mobile phone products.

According to foreign media reports, the Linux operating system has not yet achieved any success in the mobile phone application field, but as more and more new Linux-based machines are available, its position will gradually rise, the Android mobile platform developed by Google is a good example.

Nokia has been using the Linux operating system for many years on its hand-written mobile devices on the Internet. It is a mobile phone-like product that is mainly used to access the Internet during the mobile process, but lacks the telephone call function. "We will continue to expand the scope of Linux products, and believe that the position of Linux will become more and more important. "Nokia spokesman Gary touti said.

Linux is currently the most popular open-source operating system, which can be improved and shared by the public during use. There is a very large development community behind it to provide support, therefore, it is able to develop more user-absorbing programs at a very low cost, which can meet Nokia's needs.

Nokia's hand-written Internet device (Internet tablet) is mainly intended for people with certain technologies, and can also provide support for emerging wireless broadband technology WiMAX.

"Linux-based handwritten internet devices will play an extremely important role," said Rick smenssen, Nokia's chief financial officer, at an investor conference.

He said Nokia is developing the next generation of Linux products and is expected to be available soon.

Currently, Nokia S60 is a leader in the Mobile phone software platform market. It is based on the Symbian operating system and is ahead of Microsoft's Windows Mobile System. however, some important manufacturers in the mobile phone industry have already joined the Linux Alliance, including Vodafone, Motorola, NTT DoCoMo, Samsung, Huawei, and LG.

Linux receives revenue through sales technical innovation and support services. The operating system directly competes with the Microsoft operating system, and the latter charges a license fee for each product that uses its operating system, it also denies free code sharing.
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