Obfuscator for PowerBuilder and PowerBuilder protect

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PowerBuilder PBD obfuscator 2010.05.4

Pbobfuscator v2010.05.4



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My-site: http://www.mis2erp.com/soft/PowerbuilderPBDobfuscator.rar

China-csdn-site: http://chengg0769.download.csdn.net/(require account)

China: http://lctt.onlinedown.com/soft/15463.htm

Taiwan-site: http://www.softking.com.tw/soft/click_share.asp? Fid3 = 3963






PowerBuilder PBD format for the confusion
Supported versions: pkb2.5; pb5-12
1. Remove the part of the text
2. Confusing code
3. Logic trap
4. Support the more popular version
5. Random changes in the way
6. Disturbing objects, disrupting the Function


Confuse the issue of privileges ents compiled without any change in the source code.

So the operation is very simple.

Built-in scalable confused way, and add a lot of random factors, led to anti-compiler can not find a fixed reverse mode.


According to anti-compiler-dependent, forgery and falsification of the object function to prevent the destruction of anti-compiled to better protect your program.


Have any questions please email: chengang0769 # gmail.com



100% clean:





Software screenshots:




Safety Warning:

Shameless guys, such as: http://meccalight.com/obfuscator-for-powerbuilder-2010-05-4-keygen-megaupload-generator-activator-free.html

This site does not provide the original program to download, but to create Trojan "Trojan. win32.generic. 12077e11"

Reaffirmed, this version is a free version, there is no functional limitations, so it does not exist "keygen", and "serial" and "crack patch" and so on.


From the safe, trusted site to download the software

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