Odoo Development Practice: Access Odoo database via XML-RPC interface

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The Odoo server supports access to and operation of the database via the XML-RPC interface, which enables interaction and integration with other systems.
This article is a simple demo sample that uses Java to operate the Odoo database via the Xmlrpc interface. The jar package referenced in this example contains Xmlrpc-common-3.1.3.jar, Xmlrpc-client-3.1.3.jar, and Ws-commons-util-1.0.2.jar. If required, click here to download.

Package Memo.by.weichen;import Java.net.url;import java.util.arrays;import java.util.hashmap;import java.util.List; Import Java.util.map;import Org.apache.xmlrpc.client.xmlrpcclient;import  org.apache.xmlrpc.client.xmlrpcclientconfigimpl;/** * * Access Odoo database via XML-RPC interface * [email protected] 8.0 * by WeiChen * */public class Odoowsdemo {public static final string URL = "";p ublic static final String DB = "Demo ";p ublic static final int USERID = 1;public static final String PASS =" Demo ";p ublic static void Main (string[] args) throw S Exception{xmlrpcclientconfigimpl config = new Xmlrpcclientconfigimpl (); Xmlrpcclient client = new Xmlrpcclient (), Config.setserverurl (new URL (String.Format ("%s/xmlrpc/2/object", URL)); Client.setconfig (config);//new customer Integer id = (integer) client.execute ("execute_kw", Arrays.aslist (DB, USERID, PASS, " Res.partner "," Create ", Arrays.aslist (new HashMap () {put (" name "," Suzhou Park Aeon Mall ");p ut (" Customer ", Boolean.true);}))); /update Customer Client.execute ("Execute_KW ", Arrays.aslist (DB, USERID, PASS," Res.partner "," Write ", Arrays.aslist (arrays.aslist (ID), new HASHMAP    () {put ("name", "Aeon Mall Suzhou Park Store");}} ));//Find customer list<object> Partners = Arrays.aslist ((object[]) client.execute ("execute_kw", Arrays.aslist (DB, USERID, PASS, "Res.partner", "Name_get", Arrays.aslist (arrays.aslist (ID)))), if (partners!=null&& Partners.size () >0) {//Partners format: [[ID, name]]object[] partner = (object[]) partners.get (0); if (partner.length==2) System.out.println ("Customer Name:" +partner[1]);} Delete Customer Client.execute ("execute_kw", Arrays.aslist (DB, USERID, PASS, "Res.partner", "unlink", Arrays.aslist (arrays.as (ID)));//Customer list list<object> customers = Arrays.aslist ((object[]) client.execute ("execute_kw", Arrays.aslist (DB, USERID, PASS, "Res.partner", "Search_read", Arrays.aslist (Arrays.aslist (//Set query condition//Arrays.aslist (" Is_company "," = ", True), Arrays.aslist (" customer "," = ", True)), new HashMap () {{///Query Name field, limit return 100 records put (" Fields ", ArRays.aslist ("name"));p ut ("Limit", 100);})); System.out.println ("********** customer list **********"); for (int i=0;i<customers.size (); i++) {Map customer = (map) Customers.get (i); String name = (string) customer.get ("name"); SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN (name);} System.out.println ("****************************");}}

[1] https://www.odoo.com/documentation/8.0/api_integration.html

Odoo Development Practice: Access Odoo database via XML-RPC interface

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