Office 2013 "Permanent Activation Information" backup

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Office 2013 "Permanent Activation Information" backup restore concise tutorials and considerations for successful recovery
The timely backup of activation information after Office 2013 is permanently activated can guarantee quick activation after reloading. There are also popular various backup tools on the Web, although the operation is simple, but if you do not understand the principle, sometimes it is easy to cause activation failure. The following describes the manual backup and restore activation information methods, under different operating systems, the method is slightly different.
To activate information backup:
1. Under Windows 7 system: Save "Tokens.dat" file (C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform).
Under Windows 8 system: Open the C:\Windows\System32\spp\store folder (note to show hidden files), copy the "Cache.dat under Data.dat, Tokens.dat, and Cache folder" to save.
Under Windows 8.1 system: Open the C:\Windows\System32\spp\store\2.0 folder (note to show hidden files), "Data.dat, Tokens.dat, Cache.dat under the cache folder" Copy it and save it.
2. Be sure to keep the activation key in mind and use it when recovering.
Activation Information Restore:
Under the WINDOWS7 system:
1. Run as Administrator "command Prompt" type: net stop osppsvc
2, disconnect the network, using the backup "Tokens.dat" overwrite the source file.
3. Run as Administrator "command Prompt" type: net start osppsvc
4. Open Office program, wait for automatic configuration, enter activation key to activate successfully.
Under the windows8/8.1 system:
1. Run as Administrator "command Prompt" type: net stop sppsvc
2, only the backup of "3 Files" (Data.dat, Tokens.dat, cache.dat) overwrite the source files can be successfully activated.
3. Run as Administrator "command Prompt" type: net start sppsvc
"Reviews" compared to the previous article, you can see the Office 2013 and WINDOWS8.1/8 activation information files, the author describes the method is not separated, in fact WINDOWS8.1/8 no need to backup Tokens.dat,office 2013 there is no need to back up the cache.dat, but to achieve the activation of the two must be back up three files at the same time, the recovery will also have to restore the three files to achieve successful activation, so the introduction of the method is not differentiated.
1, must be the same computer (note: not the same model), hardware changes can not be too large.
2. WINDOWS8.1/8 must be backed up and restored at the same time as Office 2013, otherwise it will fail easily.
3. Use the backed up files to overwrite the source files directly, and be careful not to overwrite the folders to avoid errors.

Office 2013 "Permanent Activation Information" backup

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