Office 365 is also developing a new battlefield for. NET Core Applications

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Recently, I have had the opportunity to read the Office 365 development Getting Started guide that Chen Xizhang spent a year contributing to domestic developers. Although early exposure to SharePoint development, 2007 years later, no more contact with the development of SharePoint, this reading this book let me re-understand the office of System Development Technology, let me realize that the current Office development is also. NET Core The new battlefield for developing technology, and more specifically, is that the Chen Xizhang paradigm is written using. NET core, the address Https://

Under the leadership of the new CEO, the "Cloud first" and "One Microsoft" approach, Microsoft is more open and humble than ever, and the internal collaboration is tighter. Office 365 has evolved to become a mature cloud service after a variety of user-seen and unseen changes and evolutions, and advances and innovations continue. Office 365 is a great development platform, with hundreds of millions of users, with incomplete statistics, 1/7 of people on Earth use office,microsoft graph to make your business systems easily integrate with Office 365. Empower your business applications with powerful services from Office 365 today. Office add-in is a feast for all Office 365 & Office Developers, and it's the ability to extend Office 365 & Office, in Chinese speaking, "plugins."

The content of this book covers not only the four main directions of Office 365 development (Microsoft graph,office add-in, SharePoint add-in,office 365 Connector), It also includes other interesting topics, such as the topic of artificial intelligence, the topic of a Business application platform (Power apps,microsoft flow,power bi, etc.).

Microsoft graph is a restful interface, so all of its interfaces are directly accessible through standard HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), and can be filtered, sorted, paged, and so on by changing the parameters of the URL. The data it returns is the standard JSON format, which determines that Microsoft Graph is supported across the development platform, and we can think of it as an API gateway for Microsoft Office 365, providing a unified interface layer to the outside, Reminds me of the role of my Open Source project Nanofabric ( API Gateway Ocelot, let's take a look at the overall architecture of this Microsoft Graph.

Authentication and authorization using OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0, not just the API validation on Office 365,azure is using OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0, his implementation service is Azure Active Directory (AAD), Using IDENTITYSERVER4 for authentication and authorization in Nanofabric, IDENTITYSERVER4 itself has done the OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 for you, and IdentityServer4 The architecture is very good and very easy to customize development.

The three parts of office Add-ins,sharepoint Add-ins,office 365 connectors are developed for the functionality of Office, including interactive integration of clients, service-side, and external systems. This is a typical micro-service Application system architecture, it is worth our design Application system reference.

The extended development of office has a long history, compared to the previous VBA (visual Basic for application) and VSTO (visual Studio Tools for Office) development, we will this generation of office Add-in Development technology is called "Web Add-in", as its name implies, is the use of the most common web technology for Office add-in Development. If you already have web development experience, you will be easy to get on the ground with no special learning. On the other hand, this adds to the technical threshold, which is a less familiar area for some early office plug-in developers, and a lot of new things to learn may increase the cost of switching. In any case, Web add-in is a useful supplement (using it does not mean discarding previous VBA and VSTO), but also the need for cross-platform, especially mobile. In general, the development of Office 365 has been fully transformed into open source, using the most familiar web technologies, many open source frameworks and tools, especially open source cross-platform. Net core plays an important role here, which is an important battlefield for. NET core applications.

Office 365 is an open and extensible platform that is not only an undisputed, efficient office choice, but also a consistently good tradition. In addition to continuing to support the extension of VBA and VSTO, the next generation of Web add-in will fully realize the goal of "write once, run everywhere", use your creativity, customize your own features, and get a consistent experience on desktops, web pages, tablets, and mobile phones. It can also be shared with several 1 billion Office 365 users worldwide. With Office 365 as a brand new platform and an entirely new ecosystem, it is also complex enough to include a comprehensive introduction to the development models supported by Office 365, and to lead viewers through the case, a guide that is a good primer for getting started, The vast majority of office developers go to our. NET core platform to bring your office skills to the next spring.

Office 365 is also developing a new battlefield for. NET Core Applications

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