Office 365 Series 13: Office 365 Administrator Role

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Depending on the size of your organization, you may need to assign multiple administrators who drive different responsibilities. Administrators can access all of the features in central administration, and in addition to other actions, administrators can create or edit users, assign administrator roles to others, reset user passwords, manage user licenses, and manage domains. Select the Administrator role for an existing user, and then use this procedure to assign or remove roles.

1.  administrator roles and Permissions

1.1 O365 provides the following 5 different administrator roles that can be assigned to administrators of different responsibilities depending on the size of the organization

· billing Administrator : Make purchases, manage subscriptions, manage support tickets, and monitor service health.

Note: If you do not purchase Office 365 from Microsoft, you cannot make a billing change, so you cannot assign the account Administrator role to you. For billing issues, contact the administrator of the Organization for which you purchased the subscription.

· Global Administrator : access to all administrative functions. A global administrator is the only administrator who can assign other administrator roles. You can have more than one global administrator in your organization. People who sign up for Office 365 will become global administrators.

· Password administrators : Reset passwords, manage service requests, and monitor service health. Password administrators are limited to resetting passwords for users and other password administrators.

· service Administrator : manages service requests and monitors service health.

Note: before global administrators can assign the service administrator role to users, they should first assign user administrative permissions to the service (such as Exchange Online), and then assign the service administrator role to users in Office 365 .

· User management administrator : Resets passwords, monitors service health, and manages user accounts, user groups, and service requests. User Management Administrators cannot delete global administrators, create additional administrator roles, or reset passwords for accounts, global, and service administrators.

1.2 Office 365Enterprise Edition andOffice 365Some administrator roles in the Medium Business EditionExchange Online,SharePoint Onlineand theLync Onlinehave a corresponding role in the

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1.3 The Office 365 Administrator role and its associated permissions, as follows:

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2.  Assigning administrator Rights

The O365 administrator's rights assignment is relatively straightforward, and we are allocating only these 5 administrator roles in O365. For Exchange and SharePoint, you can configure individual administrators, and these 2 configuration methods are consistent with local exchange and SharePoint configurations.

2.1 Log in to the O365 Admin Center as a global administrator, click on "Active user"-select "Wang Litan ([email protected])"--"edit"

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2.2 Click "Settings"

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2.3 Select the role you want to assign, enter your email address, and click "Save"

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2.4 Log off account after saving with [email protected] login, Wang Litan already have Global administrator rights, you can manage O365, Exchange Online, Lync online, and SharePoint Online.

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The above is the introduction of 5 Administrator roles in O365 and the rights allocation method, for everyone to refer to and learn.

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Office 365 Series 13: Office 365 Administrator Role

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