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Everyone knows about php.net. We will come here early or late and continue to access it. It is the main reference website of phper and has a lot of useful information, but this information is not so obvious.


Useful official PHP resources:

Download the official PHP function manual:Http://www.php.net/download-docs.phpIncluding the latest CHM Chinese version and HTML Version

Chinese function manual:Http://www.php.net/manual/zh/English function manual:Http://www.php.net/manual/en/index.php

Download the latest stable PHP version of the installation file:Http://www.php.net/downloads.php

PHP official forum: strictly speaking, I have not found any official forum,Http://news.php.net/The function of the Forum is largely replaced. If the English language is good, we recommend that you join the PHP email list for discussion:Http://www.php.net/mailing-lists.php

Common PHP FAQs:Http://www.php.net/FAQ.phpThe PHP basic knowledge Q & A library officially recommended:Http://php.faqts.com/

Officially recommended books for learning PHP:Http://www.php.net/books.php

PHP official site introduction:

1. http://www.php.net/ main site
This is the main site. The homepage is where news is published: New PHP version, security upgrade information, and new projects. This site has images all over the world.
the download page is also here, you can download the latest php Code and binary code on Windows. The current version and its versions can be found here.
another most frequently accessed place is the document center. The document is translated into 12 different languages and supports different formats. You can read the notes left by other users in the document or add your own notes. The document center itself is a good project for communication.
supports various useful resources on pages, including, also include those outside the php.net site. The php community has established a large-scale knowledge base, a PHP user group, and a network of training courses. Here, everyone can find answers to their questions. Non-English users will also be valued.

2.Http://talks.php.net/: Meeting materials and conf.php.net: Early meeting materials
The slides for speakers at various PHP conferences are stored, including various topics, from the famous Rasmus "Introduction to PhP" to the latest "the latest" php system administration ". of course, there are pear and other high-level topics. All slides here can be played online through a PHP-based slide program.

3.Http://news.php.net/: Web and NNTP interfaces of the Mail List
News.php.net is the Web interface of the PHP mail list. If you have not subscribed to the email list, but want to get the latest message, come here. There are a lot of PHP News (and trends ). You can also point your news reader to news.php.net to read the list.

4. http://pear.php.net/ : PHP extension and application Program resource library hbcms The core component of the free site building system is pear
pear will drive the next revolution in PHP. This resource library will generate a high level of PHP programs. Pear is a framework and reusable php component distribution system. It simplifies installation through the Automatic Installation Wizard and integrates the experience and strength of phper into a well-organized oo library.

5.Http://smarty.php.net/: Smarty template engineHbcms adopts the smarty template technology.Http://www.hbcms.com/
Smarty is another extension of PHP. It not only provides basic variable replacement and Dynamic Block functions, but also adds configuration files, template functions, and variable modifiers, and make these features as easy as possible while making programmers and template designers feel easy to use. Is a "smart" template engine.

6.Http://qa.php.net/: QA
QA is one of the most important parts of the PHP project and ensures that users stay away from bugs. This website collects QA email list information, allowing anyone to provide testing and experience on released programs.

7.Http://cvs.php.net/: CVs resource library
A PHP project is organized by a CVS server. This site is its Web interface. You can browse PHP ProjectsSource codeAll history (and the latest version), such as the source code library of the PHP-Src module.

8.Http://bonsai.php.net/: Bonsai
Bonsai is another window of the CVS library, which makes it easier to create and search resources, so you can track who has updated the file, especially when you work for some special code snippets in a team, this brings you great convenience. You can also observe the evolution of the implementation, and understand the activity of each extension.

9.Http://lxr.php.net/: Cross Reference
Source code cross-reference, based on "Linux cross-reference ". An excellent tool for searching PHP source code. Any time an important macro or function is detected in the code, it will be connected to its definition and where it is used. This will help you write code and understand PHP source code.

10.Http://gtk.php.net/: PHP-GTK
This site is the home page of the PHP-GTK project, which enables PHP to construct smooth images and strong interactive user interfaces. You can find the download and documentation of GTK and the latest project news here.

11.Http://bugs.php.net/: Bug Database
The bug database allows you to report PHP problems to developers.

12.Http://snaps.php.net/: Daily PHP Snapshot
If you want to view the php development version progress, this should be the first place you have come. These codes are generated daily from the current stable version code and the current developed version code.

For more information, seeExam: http://www.php.net/sites.php


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