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OneNote is a digital notebook for creating and storing all your notes. Notes are automatically saved and searchable, so you can always find them when you need them. When you go out, they are inseparable from you, and you can access them with your favorite device or almost any browser.

Step by step

With OneNote apps on your favorite devices (Windows Phone, Windows 7 or 8, IOS, and Android), your notes will follow you step by step. You can also open your notes in a browser from the Office Web App.

New OneNote: Drawing, typing, clicking, or Sliding-onenote has been redesigned for Windows 8. Your notes are saved and synchronized to OneNote applications on your other devices and are available for searching. Customers who participate in Windows 8 release Preview can obtain OneNote applications through the Windows store. For more information, please visit the release Preview website.

On your device: You can use OneNote mobile applications on Windows phone, IOS, and Android phones. If you are using a browser, just open the OneNote Web App.

Sync: OneNote synchronizes with SkyDrive and SharePoint *, so your notes are always up to date on all of your devices. Just log in to find your notes-without the need to use a USB drive or send your notes to yourself in an e-mail message.


Make OneNote 2013 a central location for you to store your notes, links, Web pages, sketches, and media-including all the ideas and information you need at any time.

Embed files: Insert pictures, documents, videos, and other content into your notes, just click to insert all the information you need. If you insert an EXCEL spreadsheet, you can get a preview of the chart and the diagram next to your notes. When you update this Excel file, the preview is also updated automatically.

Ink writing: Smooth drawing, erasing, and editing with a finger, stylus, or mouse. If you prefer to write rather than type, OneNote can convert your handwriting to text.

Table: With more powerful table tools, you can make headlines and move quickly between rows and columns. Do you want to create a chart, or do you want to perform a high-level calculation? You can convert the tables in your notes to an embedded EXCEL spreadsheet with just one click.


Your OneNote 2013 content is automatically searchable. You can even search for text in a picture. You don't have to remember where to put the content-onenote will track you down.

Search: You can easily search your notes and files for any content you have-specific words in your notes, text in a picture, or the title of a file.

Auto Save: OneNote will automatically save content with your actions-so you don't need to remember anything. If you want a separate copy of a notebook, chapter, or page, you can always export them.

Simplify sharing: Because your notes are saved online to SkyDrive or sharepoint* by default, you can send a link to your friend to the file, and everyone can see the latest version.

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