OpenCV Learning Note One OpenCV 2.49 + Eclipse Configuration Tutorial

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1. Install OpenCV Library

1.1 Double-click Opencv-2.4.9.exe to install to the specified directory.

1.2 Install VC2010 Run library, Baidu search VC2010 Run library, download and install. If you complete all of the following configuration after running the program prompt also missing files such as DLLs, need to use  repair, enter the manual service, search for the missing DLL files, click Repair.

1.3 Add the paths of the bin, Lib, staticlib three folders under the OPENCV\BUILD\X86\VC11 path to the environment variable.

2. Configuring Eclipse

2.1 Create a new project file--new C + + Project Empty Project

2.2 Add a main.cpp to the project that you just added, and add the following code to it.

2.3 Right-click on the project, properities >c/c++ Build > Settings

2.3.1 Set the Include file, click gcc C + + compileer >includes

Click the Green + button to add the path under the installed OpenCV directory




(ps:$ is the path of the installed OpenCV)

2.3.2 Set the Lib path, click MinGW C + + Linker >libraries

Add libraries

$\build\x86\vc11\lib all the. lib files ending in D, as follows:




















Extension tip: How to extract the file name (without type) of all files in this directory

1. Go to cmd, enter the disk where the folder is located, for example, C:, and enter the path to the Cd+ folder.

2, input dir/b > Filename.txt.

3. Enter Filename.txt to view all file names.

Add Library Search Path



Complete the above steps to show the results

Click OK, at which time all configuration work is complete, and you can clean project and run, and if the result is as shown, the configuration is successful.

Future projects do not require reconfiguration, only the first configuration of the successful project directory under the. Cproject Overlay to the new project. Cproject and Clean project.

OpenCV Learning Note One OpenCV 2.49 + Eclipse Configuration Tutorial

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