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Some friends may already know the opendns service, but I did know it through a foreigner's blog today. This website provides free DNS resolution, which is faster, safer, and smarter than the average ISP:

  • Faster
    The two features ensure that opendns is faster. First, it has a large and intelligent cache, which ensures that users can make profits from the huge opendns user library; opendns has a high-performance geographically distributed network and multiple redundant backup connections. It selects the nearest geographic location based on your access.


  • More secure
    Opendns can identify and block phishing websites, just like setting up a check site between your website and you to protect your security.
  • Smarter
    Opendns can automatically correct spelling errors. If you accidentally enter a spelling error (such as missing letters), opendns can also direct you to the correct website, or provide a search list for similar websites.

To use the opendns service, you only need to replace your current DNS with the following two addresses. Security and Intelligence have no chance to feel that, however, it seems that accessing some foreign sites is faster:


I read some blogs about opendns from foreigners.ArticleThey may be more concerned about the success of the opendns business model, in other words, whether or not they can make money. opendns officially says that the way to make money is to put advertisements on the error page, there are also value-added services for some high-end users. Because spelling errors often occur, the future of this model seems to be okay. In fact, there is another potential. If you use opendns, it will know all the types of websites and browsers you visit and track your clicks on the search results. Advertisers must be enthusiastic about the data, sales data alone can make a lot of money. The biggest challenge facing opendns may not come from its business model, but from hackers. If their networks are attacked, all its users will be threatened, which is very fatal.

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