Open source framework that thing 13: the future trend of open source and small and medium-sized software companies

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Application based on open source framework is the development trend of future small and medium-sized software companies

There have been such things around my friends around me:

story 1 : a java developed for many years, germination of the idea of entrepreneurship, Want to build a development team and want to do a big game. But slowly, it's not easy to build a team with a fighting force. The technical team was later set up initially, but the technical lines were very difficult to agree on. Toss to toss to go, put a bit on the road of technical personnel are tossing a job. Costs a huge cost to get an architect, that is, using the ssh Framework set up a development environment, the data volume is small, the business early is good, but when the business grows rapidly, the speed can not meet the need. Is it re-come or in ssh on the basis of continuing to toss, very difficult to choose!

Story 2 : Jenny from England back to Qingdao for half a year, very much like Qingdao this seaside city, the air is very good, the surrounding plants is also very kind, this is also why originally came back one of reasons. However,Jenny has been struggling with the product management thing. In addition to the high cost of development, software level has been relatively low. Product team management, but also to consider skill level, division of labor, role positions, pay, personality characteristics, and so on, all the time spent a lot. Due to the lack of large-scale stress testing, a lot of time to make products, but can not adapt to the massive data of large concurrent access. Want to find some master, in the software industry is not developed in the second-tier cities are not too realistic; leave the two-tier city to a level of urban development, and can not afford high operating costs and human resources costs, where the road is really a problem!

Story 3 : After six months of preparation, Chan's technical team was finally formed. However, the flow of people is always a lingering topic. Change people, technical solutions will change, with the maintenance of the problem is also let people burn! Chan frustrated, how can he not understand why the new people do not want to continue in the old people left the system for maintenance and redevelopment? What if we can build up a big, iron-plate camp?

Similar stories abound. Summarize the problem in the following areas:

1. The pace of personnel training is slow. from the human resources team's point of view, more consideration of people's professional ethics is consistent with corporate culture and values. Software development project managers are more concerned with the ability of new members to contribute to software development projects and to meet the project culture and values. If your software development team is not built by yourself, how can you ensure that the Software development team works the way you want it to? Candidates through a variety of certification, only representatives have a basic knowledge system and theoretical basis. But no certification can really reflect the ability of everyone to learn and apply knowledge, and these two points are the most concerned about the software development project skills. In particular, to become a good software architect, often need to have More than ten years of software development experience, the threshold for entry is quite high, especially when the Internet is becoming more important, a software architect often need to master a number of skills, He needs to have a wide range of knowledge, need to process more time to learn and hone.


3. as a designer, we need to ensure the reality of product function, the sustainability of product function, the stability of products and the usability of products. These requirements of the product depend on the architect's planning of the product technology. After the architect receives the business demand, the most important job is to translate it into technical requirements. The completion of this process is inseparable from the architect's ability to abstract thought. Like saying tiny frame this project, The first thought that the master architect flashed was that the system must have long-term uniformity. and responsible for each tiny framework function architect, It is also necessary to further abstract these parts. These are often not available to the SME team. Due to the lack of excellent architects, resulting in the team in the actual product planning without their own clear goals and specific feasibility of the implementation plan, lack of unified continuity, resulting in late to meet the product upgrade, revision needs.

4. all day only to talk about "cloud computing, saas "These things of the team, destined to develop a good product. This kind of problem is very common in the new development team, because it can confuse more customers. However, while the new technology is good, it takes time for programmers to accept and retrain, and to take into account system compatibility issues. Therefore, the rhetoric of the terminology experts, often die more miserable. Especially in the case of large concurrency data testing, the products are often difficult to meet operational requirements.

5. The cost of building a development framework is too high to withstand. Nowadays, the development of various software systems is more and more complex, especially the framework software, which involves many problems and too much knowledge. When the website becomes large, it is inevitable to split the application to service, in order to improve the development efficiency, tuning performance, saving the key competitive resources and so on. As the service becomes more and more, the URL address information of the service explodes, configuration management becomes very difficult,and The single point of pressure of the F5 hardware load balancer increases. When further development, inter-service dependencies become more complex, even confusing which application to start before which application, architects can not fully describe the application's architectural relationship. Then, the service is more and more calls, the capacity of the service problem is exposed, how much machine support this service needs? When should I add a machine? Wait a minute...... In the face of these problems, development costs tend to grow at a rapid rate, even to the small and medium-sized enterprise team can not support.

The use of frameworks is a good choice if you want to reduce development effort or shorten time and reduce costs. In particular, the use of good quality and continuity of the open source framework is becoming mainstream!

1. tiny framework for example, a year of development will need to submit thousands of commits and solved countless incurable diseases. In addition, from the perspective of document maintenance, one year 900 multi-page document content, can also help the development team solve many problems.

2. excellent open source framework, often with high cohesion, low coupling, high-quality code, dedicated team, can keep the project continuous progress. Or the tiny framework for example, tiny master project Total issues There are requirements, and improvements, there are Span style= "FONT-FAMILY:CALIBRI;" >bug tiny frame people are more powerful , the more you use the more cool! The equivalent of having a strong backup team in service for your project. These advantages are numerous. When a June in the seaside of Qingdao leisurely drinking coffee, Don't worry about the customer's tracking phone at all.

3. lower cost and higher added value. in an excellent open-source framework, all software participants avoid duplication of effort because the top-level design avoids repetitive work. Especially for individuals or small businesses, it is clear that ssh/i alone is not enough to make your solution look tall, nor enough to support scenarios where the volume of business data is larger, and not enough to support high software development implementation costs. In the excellent open source framework development team, the entire team configuration is often more reasonable, high and low level of the respective roles, making operating costs lower, more value-added. Take Tiny As an example, the Tiny ecosystem being built , hundreds of UI components and process components are enough for your daily use, There will be more to be added, these are completely premium services!

In short, the use of good quality and continuity of the open source framework, based on the open source framework for application is the future development of small and medium-sized software companies, you will get more value in return!

Welcome to the Open source technology community: . The Code and framework information in this example will be shared in the community. "Open source framework that little thing" member QQ Group: 228977971, let us work together, understand the mystery of the open source framework!

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Open source framework that thing 13: the future trend of open source and small and medium-sized software companies

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