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Open-source java CMS and open-source javacms


FreeCMS commercial version V2.3 update function

Note: After the upgrade, all pages must be static. Otherwise, the access address may be incorrect! If you use the android client, you also need to use the latest android program.

1. added the channelPage tab page extraction topic.

2. The default review process for publishing information is changed to no review.

3. Add the site administrator authorization. Set the role as the site administrator to manage all the columns of the site.

4.html tags include attribute keys and keySpanAttr, which support displaying keywords.

5. Added image and text watermarks to add watermarks to images in information.

6. added the member contribution function.

7. added the dictionary function and related labels (dictionaryClass, dictionary ).

8. You can set options for the check list, single-choice list, and drop-down list in the model through the dictionary.

9. Supports creating directories for custom static pages of sites, columns, and information.

10. Add the ajaxVisit label. If you modify the directory generation rule, you can use this label to process access records.

11. Add html page layout in the mobile app column.

12. Mobile apps support native apps, hybird apps, and html5 running.

13. added the mailSearch tag to search for the mail content.

14. added the keyword management function.

15. Added tags related to hot words, such as searchword, searchwordList, and searchwordPage.

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