Open-source java CMS and open-source javacms

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Open-source java CMS and open-source javacms

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Sensitive word Management

Manage sensitive words. The system automatically replaces sensitive words with specified characters.

The sensitive word processing functions of the system include::

Information: title, content, summary.

Topic: name, description.

Comment: content.

Online Survey: name, description, and options.

1.Sensitive word Management

Click sensitive word management in the left-side navigation pane.

2.Add sensitive words

Click "add" under the sensitive word list.

Enter relevant attributes and click "OK.

3.Edit sensitive words

Select the sensitive word to be edited and click "edit.

Note: Only one sensitive word can be edited.

Enter relevant attributes and click "OK.

4.Delete sensitive words

Select the sensitive word to be deleted and click "delete.

Tip: Multiple sensitive words can be deleted at the same time.

To prevent misoperation, the system will prompt you whether to delete it. Click "OK" to complete the deletion operation.

A JAVA-based open-source Chinese CMS

We have selected 10 most powerful and easy-to-use CMS and will give you a brief introduction.

Alfresco is an open-source enterprise website content management system that provides document management, multi-person collaboration, record management, knowledge management, web page content and image management. It uses the latest java technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, and JSF to build a modular system architecture.

Alfresco Official Website:


DotCMS is an open-source enterprise-level content management system that integrates functions such as e-commerce, personalized settings, and customer relationship management tools, it can easily establish data structures and databases based on various relationships. It can quickly create pages using templates, and provides a powerful WYSIWYG editor. You can use the function of loading external modules to quickly create Ajax applications, search, MP3 players, slides, albums, and other functions.

DotCMS official website

Chinese installation tutorial

Magnolia is a well-established java content management system and has released version 4. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to customize the content model and handle various uncertain functions in the form of returned arrays. It complies with W3C standards and has many advantages in search engine optimization. It also supports java content repository (java content repositories, JCR) APIs.

Magnolia official website


It provides a set of convenient tools for website creation and maintenance. In terms of content construction, it has an easy-to-use interface and WYSIWYG editor. It uses an advanced Page Template for webpage generation.

OpenCMS official website

Chinese website

Blandware AtLeap is a multilingual free... the remaining full text>

Who has used the java open-source CMS system?

No. You can try. netCMS. The commercial version Authorization Fee is different. You can purchase different versions of authorization based on your needs.
One-by-one CMS is free of charge for software and services.
References: longlang software, CMS, zoomlaCMS

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