OpenVZ VPS Host Accelerator tool Net-speeder installation Tutorial

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First, the speed record before installing the Net-speeder tool

In order to reflect the authenticity of this tool application, Chiang did not know in advance whether the installation of Net-speeder tools can really accelerate the effect, and can achieve how much speed, but since the decision to do such a thing is step by step. A few of the parameters that need to be tested are recorded before installation.

1, ping Speed test

2, network node download test

3, online video speed

The above is the old Chiang did not install the Net-speeder before the speed, but I am still more surprised, and now has not installed tools to see the video speed is simply rapid, the performance of a bricklayer VPS machine cost-effective really good.

Second, the installation of Net-speeder tool process

Net-speeder This tool from a domestic netizen, mainly used to deal with delays and packet loss when two-way data transmission, that is, if the use of Net-speeder tools, traffic will be sent two-way, compared to traffic consumption will be greater, But it will improve the reduction of latency and improve stability, the general VPS host traffic per month is sufficient.

1, CentOS Environment installation Net-speeder

The code is as follows Copy Code



After the installation, we can see the last line and start the execution:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Nohup/usr/local/net_speeder/net_speeder venet0 "IP" >/dev/null 2>&1 &

We can also add the script to the boot entry to ensure that it is always in use:

The code is as follows Copy Code

Echo ' nohup/usr/local/net_speeder/net_speeder venet0 "IP" >/dev/null 2>&1 & ' >>/etc/rc.local

2, the installation of Debian environment Net-speeder

The code is as follows Copy Code



Because Chiang used here is the CentOS environment, so for the Debian environment does not go to test, basically the same last hint to start the command, we copied into the execution can be opened.

Third, speed comparison after installing Net-speeder Accelerator tool

So our current VPS has been installed Net-speeder tool acceleration, we take a look at the 1th used in the 3 test data, and then test whether the speed is different.

1, ping speed

2, network node download speed

3, online video viewing speed

IV, Net-speeder acceleration Tool Installation Summary

Through the above we can easily install the Net-speeder accelerator in the OPENVZ environment, can be based on CentOS or Debian environment, the old Chiang is only in the bricklayer VPS did a simple test, from the data is there are some changes, whether from the ping speed, Download speed or online video speed, there is no small improvement.

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