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Alex Classmate Recommendation: This software, called Pocket Controller-pro for BlackBerry, allows the BlackBerry screen to be shared with the PC screen (via USB, Bluetooth, WiFi), and the effect is pretty good in the same type of software.

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1. Support 9900 OS 7.0, 7.1 device projection
2. Support including screen capture and recording screen and other functions, used to record teaching presentations, or PPT are very good. and also provide skin (skin can also automatically go to the website to download, for example, I inserted 9900 yesterday, directly to download a 9900 skin adapter).
3. Relative, relatively smooth.
4. Support mobile phone to PC Usb,wifi, Bluetooth connection. This is handy for presentation.
5. Can support PC-side remote control phone, for example, you can use the keyboard to write BBM, call, send text messages

6. The tool capture is also provided with a mobile phone shell ... Videos can also be captured.

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Transfer to Hong Kong article: BBM (SOTI Pocket controller-pro for BlackBerry)

This is a PCM introduction Soti Pocket Controller-pro for BlackBerry

I believe most of the BlackBerry families are trying to get your BlackBerry back to SMS, BBM, Email, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, when Ann sits at home or in front of the office computer. This is a very annoying move that repeats 10 times a day, and this time, this remote app lets you manage all your messages in one place, with your BlackBerry on your computer.

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Name: SOTI Pocket Controller-pro for BlackBerry


Price: 4 days Free trial/39.95 USD (12 month)

Website: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/13746 or use the mobile app world to scan the following QR codes

Installation Articles

Unlike the installation of general BlackBerry apps, using the Soti Pocket Controller-pro also requires a computer to install a mock BlackBerry software. But there is no Mac version, only PC support.

First of all, use your BlackBerry download and install Soti Pocket controllar-pro for BlackBerry, then the home needs to install a control software on the computer, can be http://www.soti.net/PCProBB/ Default.aspx download, the use of the home just fill in some basic personal information and email, Soti Connect to the use of software.

After installing and activating the software, press the Green key "connect", and your BlackBerry can be manipulated by a USB or WiFi wireless network connection.

If you choose to connect with WiFi, you need to enter the IP address of the BlackBerry in the network, as long as the Soti Pocket Controller Pro can be found on the BlackBerry.

Applied Article

has been synchronized with the mobile phone, the original reply email is also possible.

Get back to BBM and email first-class, and when you put your BlackBerry horizontally, the BlackBerry in your computer spins.

Operation Chapter

On the operational side, the SOTI Pocket Controller-pro can be called a PC-and-BlackBerry feature, so it's easy to use and provide a quick key to MS Office, but the pen feels that using the mouse and keyboard controls is enough.

Buttons page shows the commonly used keys for BlackBerry.

In the View tab, you can choose from different visual modes to cater to different apps, such as training, Presentation, or BBM.

Selectable to be displayed in different ways.

Users can also make screen capture and video recording to facilitate recording of email or BBM Records, and software developers could use it to make teaching information.

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Advantage: Although it is glitches app, but think of not often stop work, in the hands of the machine can reply to email or BBM, the actual sex is high.

Bad: If the BlackBerry is not connected to a USB or power line but is connected with Wi-Fi, it will be very expensive.

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