[Phonegap+sencha Touch] Mobile Development 35 Let Phonegap's WebView (Android) use chromium kernel

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It should be known that Phonegap/cordova (Android) just added a shell to WebApp, that is WebApp run on WebView.

Android's WebView is a webkit kernel, but there is a difference between the WebView and the mobile chrome kernel. People who have used the mobile version of Chrome can obviously feel that performance is much smoother than their own browser (or WebView).

Android 4.4 and above with the webview is already the chromium kernel, and below 4.4 is not. So when Android 4.4 uses phonegap packaged apk, it will feel faster than the version 4.4, and HTML5+CSS3 support is also better.

Here's a way to get your apk to come with the chromium kernel, so your apk is better for the user experience on Android phones below ~4.4 4.0 and above .

Because the mobile Chrome browser is only available for Android version 4.0 and above, the chromium kernel is only available for Android 4.0 and later.

First of all, introduce a thing called crosswalk, the following is the official website address:


We can first look at the above link inside the introduction.


1. Download Crosswalk Cordova for Android

Choose Cordova android (ARM) This can, x86 Android devices are not many. Select Stable stable version of the download, beta and canary version may have some bugs.

2, the download down the zip decompression, such as decompression to D:\crosswalk-cordova-

3, create a PhoneGap project, under E:\hello.

CD e:d:\crosswalk-cordova-\bin\create Hello Com.pushsoft.hello Hello

The command is similar to the Phonegap/cordova command, except that the beginning is not phonegap or Cordova, but D:\crosswalk-cordova-\bin\ Create (is the Create.bat file inside)

4, you can use Eclipse to open this Android project, debug compile what (it is recommended not to use the PhoneGap local build ... I've never tried it. You can try it)

This Android app is the chromium kernel.


①, export unsigned apk installer, you can right-click on Project-android tools-export unsigned application package with eclipse

②, export the signed APK installer (you need to generate an Android certificate yourself), you can right-click on the project-android Tools-export signed application package with Eclipse

Here's how to put your existing PhoneGap project ("original Project") and change it to chromium kernel.

1, according to the above method, create a and your original PHONEGAP project package name, program name of the same project (as a " new Project "):

For example, my original project package name is Com.pushsoft.myapp, the program name is MyApp, then I build a new project:

CD e:d:\crosswalk-cordova-\bin\create MyApp com.pushsoft.myapp MyApp

2, the original project below the Cordova and cordovalib two folders deleted (or removed), and then the new project E:\MyApp the following Cordova and cordovalib two folders under the original project.

is to replace the Cordova Library with the chromium kernel with the Cordova Library of your original project.

3. Use Eclipse to open the original project after the replacement, debugging compiled export what.


①, with chromium kernel apk bag is very big, probably will be big 16MB . This package is only available for Android 4.0 and above , 4.4 and above is not required because Android WebView after 4.4 is already the chromium kernel.

②, using the Chromium kernel PhoneGap project, when using some PhoneGap plug-ins, will be error, such as Filetransfer plug-ins.

Filetransfer plugin needs to be modified to fit, modify the method click here

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[Phonegap+sencha Touch] Mobile Development 35 Let Phonegap's WebView (Android) use chromium kernel

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