Photoshop creates a poster tutorial for walking alone in the wild in the rain

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We will give you a detailed analysis of photoshop software users and share with you the tutorials on creating a poster for walking in the wild in the rain.
Tutorial sharing:
1. We must first select a cow. We used buffalo this time. Someone asked why we chose Buffalo? I can only answer: I used to let it go. I don't have to talk about it. I started to pick it up.


2. Let's think about it first, and think about it with our glasses closed: Ox, space, grass, rain, and the river. In the above idea, it is time to select materials from the drop-down list.


3. After the materials are selected, start the diagram.
First, we will roughly set the seat of the ox, and then draw a space line (the space line is a line prepared for the sense of space, based on the construction of an object, to locate and use ).



4. Ground: keep the lines of the space in a similar position to avoid space disorder and cross the space. I will not save you at that time.


5. Vision: the placement of mountains is close to big and small, and close to the real world.





6. Embellishment: add some grass and grass. It's more beautiful, right.


7. Sky: We started to consider the rain.






8. Brightness and shade: the shade of the Ox, the water and flowers that rain hits on the back of the ox, and the ox plug (please pay attention to the details ).



9. Fog: After the rain falls down, the ground will splash a thin layer of water mist, and the children's shoes will know carefully.



10. Embellishment: Rain in the sky and birds who fly away.



11. Modify: add text. Here, we can see that my screen is not fancy, but it is clear that the material is green and green (when doing this, pay attention to the color to keep it roughly uniform ).


12. Color: this is the color and sharpening level.



Final effect:


All right, the above information is the detailed tutorial on creating a poster for walking alone in the rain for all photoshop users, as you can see here, I believe that you are very clear about the production method, so go and follow the small series tutorial to make a poster.

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