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This tutorial is a series of tutorials, with a first phase of about 15 effects. The main use of Photoshop brush features to create a variety of special effects, so that you can enjoy the brilliant Photoshop brush function. Here we start to learn about the hundred-Variable brush series--Gorgeous dynamic line drawing process.

Before starting the learning of an instance, you can download the matching footage of the instance and follow the steps to learn it.

(1) Run Photoshop CS5, execute the "file" → "new" command, and create a new blank document.

(2) Use the Pen tool to draw a vertical path in the view.

(3) Select the Brush tool to add a stroke to the path.

(4) Hide the path to see the effect after the stroke path.

(5) Execute the edit → define brush preset command to define the drawn line image as a brush.

(6) Open the "brush" palette, more settings for the brush.

(7) Select the Gradient tool, and fade color for layer 1 fills.

(8) Create a new layer and use the Brush tool to draw the image in the view.

(9) Set the blending mode of "Layer 2" to "overlay".

(10) With the above method, continue to create a new layer and change the blending mode, and then draw in the view.

(11) Create a new layer and use black to draw in the view.

(12) Change the blending mode of the layer so that the line has a layered sense.

(13) Use the Rectangle Marquee tool to create a selection in the view and fill it with black.

(14) Enter the Quick Mask edit State, edit the image.

(15) Return to the standard mode edit state, create a selection, and delete the image within the selection.

(16) Press the key to cancel the selection, and then "layer 6" copied several times, respectively, adjust.

(17) Add "curve" adjustment layer, adjust the overall tone of the image.

(18) Finally add other decorations and text to complete the production of the instance.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 182958314 welcome you to join

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