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Select the Edit menu, move the mouse pointer over preferences, and click Performance on the Pop-up submenu to open the Preferences dialog box. As shown in the following illustration:

1. Memory usage

Displays the available memory and ideal range information, you can enter a value in the text box to the right of Photoshop, or drag the slider to adjust the amount of memory assigned to Photoshop. After modification, you can restart Photoshop to take effect.

Read the Photoshop CS6 to clean up your memory.

2. Historical records and caching

History Status: The maximum number of history states that can be retained in the history panel.

Cache level: The number of cache levels for image data. Used to increase the speed of screen redraw and histogram display. Select more cache levels for large documents with a small number of layers, and the faster you can, and the higher the quality for small documents with more layers. The changes will take effect the next time that you start Photoshop.

Cache Tile Size: The amount of data that Photoshop stores or processes at once. For documents that have a larger pixel size to be processed quickly, select a larger tile, or a smaller tile for documents with many layers that have a small pixel size. The changes will take effect the next time that you start Photoshop.

3. Scratch Disk

If the system does not have enough memory to perform an operation, Photoshop will use a proprietary virtual memory technology (also known as a scratch disk). A scratch disk is any drive or drive partition that has free space. By default, Photoshop uses the operating system's hard drive as the primary scratch disk, where you can modify scratch disks to other drives. In addition, drives that contain scratch disk should be defragmented regularly.

Read the Photoshop CS6 to clean up your memory.

4. Graphics Processor Setup

Check "Use graphics processor", that is, in front of the item tick (√), and then click the "Advanced Settings" button, you can enable some features and interface enhancements, you can enable the OpenGL drawing function. OpenGL is not enabled for open documents.

Features are enabled: Rotate View tool, bird's eye scale, pixel grid, swipe pan, fine miniature place, HUD color picker and rich cursor information, sampling ring (eyedropper tool), Canvas brush size adjustment, Hard brush tip preview, oil painting, adaptive wide-angle, and. "Light effect Library" and so on.

Enhancements to the interface include "Blur Gallery" (OpenGL only), "liquefaction", "control distortion", smooth panning and scaling, canvas boundary projection, paint performance, transform/warp, and more.


After you select the Use graphics processor item, restart PS CS6, and if you can use the above features, your computer graphics card supports OpenGL acceleration.

If the computer detects a graphics processor and does not check the "Use graphics processor" item, Photoshop CS6 often fails to respond, thus affecting our use.

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