Photoshop getting started tutorial (6): channels and photoshop getting started tutorial

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Photoshop getting started tutorial (6): channels and photoshop getting started tutorial

Learning Experience: when most people hear the channel. There may be a fear in your mind, because the channel is not as easy to understand and daunting as the layer ." The essence of "channel" is actually to store image information and compare an image to a website. The channel is the background of the website and stores website data. Editing a channel is equivalent to directly editing image information, and writing website code. It is indeed difficult for beginners. However, it is not impossible to learn. The channel is commonly used to store the selection area (ALPHA channel), and the second is to map.

Channel details:

The channel has only three colors: black, white, and gray.

For RGB Images, there are three channels: Red, green, and blue.

For images in CMYK mode, there are four channels: Green, foreign red, yellow, and black.

A channel is a complex abstraction. It is easier to understand the aspect signal processing and digital image processing books. In the early stage, you can learn more about the channel. The following describes the channels through examples.

Example: 1. Channel tracing. The flame in the channel is extracted.

2. Channel storage selection.

Right-click the selection, select "Storage selection", and click OK to view the channel panel. A new channel Alpha1 is displayed. The selected selection area is white in the channel, and the unspecified area is black. Press Ctrl and click the left mouse button to load the selected area.

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