Power-Bi assists kangdi in creating first-class hotel chains

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Company Profile

Kangdi is committed to becoming a well-known hotel management company in China and is constantly moving towards international management. Currently, kangdi has four hotel brands, namely, the five-star commercial kangdi International Hotel, the five-star resort kangdi Resort Hotel, the four-star Club Hotel and the four-star commercial kangdi junlan Hotel. With the Pearl River Delta as the core, the hotel is gradually developing to other regions, and many hotels are under financing.

Adhering to the "treat guests with satisfaction, surprise, and touch guests", kangdi adopts the core development strategy of "Operation, brand, technology, and talent, create a hotel management model that features "international specifications, Chinese culture, and Emperor Kandi", and create China's first-class hotel chains.

Digital Management vs experience-based Management

Kangdi group has a strong overall awareness of information technology. They believe that the management system is the most basic element in brand building and is also the foundation of kangdi group's Standardization, standardization, and systematic construction. The introduction and operation of the hotel management system and Kingdee system have also formed a scientific, advanced, and standardized management system for kangdi. However, when our operating system collects a large amount of data, such as customer identities, consumption behaviors, and preferences, the challenge we face is how to maximize the role of such data, how to get the greatest value from data, provide us with information through data, and transform data into real commercial value.

Luo Zong, general manager of kangdi, is far-sighted. He pointed out that business software has improved the efficiency of the group's operation. However, data collection is a waste and data is the foundation of scientific management, in this case, more powerful data analysis tools are needed, while Bi analysis is the best way to achieve the goal. BI helps enterprises to test themselves more scientifically, clearly, and comprehensively, it helps enterprises keep moving in the correct direction and remain invincible in the ever-changing market environment. The study pointed out that 50% of business operators and managers cannot obtain timely and complete business data and information. More than 90% of people do not understand or simply do not use data that is already present in front of them. As the President of Guangdong Hotel Industry Association, we are very happy to lead the application of digital information management.

The Bi project is directly led by Mr. Luo. In the project selection process, the implementation experience of ouwei software in the hotel industry gives kangdi strong confidence; at the same time, the simple system Background Development and low maintenance costs that the Information Department of kangdi pays attention to are consistent with the product design philosophy of the "Green bi" software, the purpose of auw software is to allow users to develop excellent BI solutions at the minimum cost, break through the technical threshold, and enable Chinese enterprises to popularize Bi applications. Because of the close connection between the two sides, the second on-site communication reached a cooperation agreement.

The kangdi Bi project was officially launched on October 20, and the project kick-off meeting was held at the kangdi International Hotel on the morning of October 20. At the meeting, Yan bin, owner of the ouweifang project, gave an important overview of the project implementation blueprint, periodic plan, implementation risks, project team members, and personnel responsibilities, the project implementation goal is profoundly stated, "the ultimate implementation goal of the Bi project is not to make all the reports submitted by everyone, but to provide the data and information that everyone will use in their work ". The entire project covers the analysis and application of management portals, housing services, finance, catering and entertainment, warehousing, procurement, customer lifecycles, HR, and other theme. The first phase is headed by housing services and finance, it is planned to launch the trial run in April late November 2014.

The auw software will help the kangdi group build a bi data decision-making and analysis platform and provide data support for the management and operation of kangdi with flexible presentation anytime and anywhere, create a first-class hotel chain brand in China with a more practical, scientific, and advanced strategy.

Power-Bi assists kangdi in creating first-class hotel chains

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