PPT picture Double-screen lottery system on-site main operating procedures introduced

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Specific steps:

First, the second step to optimize the processing of the production of ppt file pictures. ppt , copy to the PPT folder in the lottery system, overwriting files of the same name.

Launch "PPT picture dual-screen lottery system. exe" FILE:

Prepare 1-Must do:

Click the system main interface [1-Settings] button to open the Settings dialog box, such as:

[Bonus level effective value setting] refers to from a to I, experienced a number of awards. The value range is 1-9. For example: A->B->C->D-E, [bonus grade effective value setting] is 5.

[show prompt at top left corner of scrolling] option refers to the bonus name that appears at the top left of the scrolling screen when the user taps the [Start scroll extraction] button. Also, the hint font color user can choose.

[Lottery Stop scrolling is the result of the effective Save Auto AutoComplete] option refers to when the user clicks the main interface [start the scroll extraction] button, the screen during the scrolling process, and then click the [Stop Scrolling] button, the lottery results are valid. If this option is selected, when you click [Stop Scrolling] button, the lottery results are valid. If you do not select this option, you will need to click the [Result Save] button when you click the [Stop Scrolling] button, and the results will be valid. Mainly to meet some times, the winning people after winning the scene, in accordance with the provisions of the winning void.

[Start PPT interface when ready] option The recommended status is selected. When the click on the Reserve button is selected, the secondary screen will display the PPT interface, which is in the "Ready PPT" folder under the catalogue, the prize corresponds to "A.ppt", the B prize corresponds to "B.ppt", and so on. When we smoke a certain award, if the audience to give an account of the number of prizes and lottery guests, etc., you can use this interface technology, all PPT display, can be through the software interface to the right of the PPT page button, remember! This technology is advanced technology, please contact qq:289102120, Mobile: 15891712396.

[picture PPT Remarks column information does not read into] option is canceled by default. If the picture ppt Comment Bar does not intend to enter additional information, that side of this option is selected. Picture ppt It is best to add the note information, and this option is canceled, which can produce the perfect winning list.

[The actual number of prizes per award can exceed this number of prizes] option is canceled by default. If selected, the number of additional prizes that can be flexibly extracted in the field is not necessarily according to the planned quantity.

Prepare 2-optional. Click System Main Interface [2-Prepare picture PPT] button

Launch and open PPT file (if "Step one: Use PPT to make the lottery source data-ppt picture Electronic album" has been completed as required, then no more open edit), then this file and can be edited, including inserting slides, inserting pictures, such as:

Each slide is required to insert a picture of the participant in the lottery. In addition, the picture and comment fields can be written to the participant's relevant information. The text in the Remarks column is best added to facilitate the lottery system to read and generate a winning list.

Preparation 3-Must do complete the front of the preparation 1 and prepare 2, click on the system main interface [3-end image PPT Preparation] button to complete the draw ppt picture file preparation. If [set] awards [number of programs] The total effective quantity is less than the number of pictures in ppt, and a warning dialog box is issued.


Need to reset or edit add ppt picture, then click this [end picture ppt preparation] command again until pass.

Prepare 4-Must do click on the system main interface [4-Generate picture] button to open the interface, such as:

According to your computer configuration and test results, make a reasonable choice. The system automatically starts PPT, automatically turns each slide into a picture, prepares for the live draw.

Preparation 5-Optional Click on the system main interface [ready to prepare PPT] button, launch and open the pre-PPT folder, open the corresponding prizes in the a.ppt, b.ppt and so on. in this PPT file can be added to the presentation of the award of the class statement or animation and other content The opening animated footage is available free of charge and can be obtained free of charge from us.

Preparation 6-Optional click on the system main interface [prepare the PPT] button, launch and open theme, etc. PPT"document, to carry out the lottery rules and activities slogans, thank you for editing the language. in this PPT file can be added to the opening animation and other beautiful multimedia content . Opening animated material I offer it free of charge, available free to us.

Preparation 7-Optional Settings PC desktop background best for pure red, with picture ppt file background color one. Of course, set to other theme wallpaper can also, color and style best with the PPT background style consistent. The resolution of the wallpaper is consistent with the resolution of the projector. Generally 800*600 or 1024x768, if not clear, it is best to set the 1024x768. Remember: Set the wallpaper to center, other ways easy to distort the image.

Two. On-site preparation and auxiliary display

On the spot, first click [5-load image], then can assist the display, click [Theme and other PPT display], and then click [ppt down]. In order to show the fair, fair and open lottery, then you can click [Picture ppt sequence scrolling display] to show the fair, display the lottery participants photos, Number and other information can be confirmed on the spot. If the person is not too much, do not intend to quickly display, you can select the [manual page] option above, and then click on the [Picture PPT sequence Scrolling display] button, through [ppt down], one by one, slowly display the participants in the lottery photos, numbers and other information to show fairness.

When the number of PPT pictures exceeds a certain value, the picture ppt sequence display, the button is slow, preferably through the previous introduction of the optimized compression method, improve the performance of this file.

Emphasize one thing:

The first time the display button is launched, the Ppt,ppt document window should appear on the second display device, if it does not appear on the second display, the PPT sub-screen Show mode is not set, specific click the link.

In cooperation with the moderator, in advance to show the participants to participate in the lottery pictures, in an open and impartial, to confirm that the site guest information is wrong,

In addition, by clicking on the [theme and other PPT display] button and [ppt down] button to achieve the regular theme PPT display.

[stop ppt display] can make the PPT being displayed stop showing.

Remember: Strictly prohibit the mouse to move to the second display device, mouse or keyboard operation, the administrator can only be controlled through the interface of the main display, otherwise, the following error may occur.

Three. Start of the official draw

0/3: It means that 3 corresponding prizes have not been extracted; 3/3:3 of them are all taken out accordingly.

First click [Prepare/ppt],[start rolling extraction] , then click [Start scroll extraction], the second monitor, the screen scroll. After scrolling a little time, then tap the [stop scrolling ] button, After the scrolling screen stops, click the [Results Save] button, of course, in [Settings] selected "The result of the lottery stop scrolling when the automatic completion" option,[Effective Save] button will not point, the reason is explained above. At any time in the lottery or at the end, you can click on the [winning results display]and click the = button to page the display.

When " start PPT Interface"is enabled in the selected item, when clicking [Prepare/ppt] , the second monitor starts to display the corresponding PPT file. For example, draw a prize, show a.ppt, Draw B prize, show b.ppt, etc. The contents of this file can be blank, the user can also customize, with the PPT page button to complete this award before the introduction.

When extracting prizes, you can enable the [sound effects ] option.

When all the draws are finished and the results are displayed, click [view with Notepad] to see the results of the lottery, see:

or save and copy the contents of the Notepad to organize the printing elsewhere.

You can click the [clear all Records] command to clear both the Notepad and list lottery entries.

Also tip: after you draw any prize, you can exit the middle. After restarting the software, load the image and continue the extraction. However, when the [Reload] button is clicked, all lottery records are cleared. But when you click the [Reload] button for each award area, only the record of this award is cleared. Remember!

PPT picture Double-screen lottery system on-site main operating procedures introduced

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