Practice and Cultivation of programmers (6)-diligence, good questions, and self-criticism

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A person's ability is limited, so we need to constantly learn, for everyone. WhileProgramApe, because he is a mental labor guy, he needs to learn and evolve constantly! However, some people like to show off when learning something. This is a debatable practice!

Keep empty cup mentality

One old story is that there is half a cup of water. One person says "only half a cup", while the other says "there are half a cup ".

Another old story is that there is a cup filled with stones. What can I do? There are many answers. For example, you can install sand or water.

There are many other similar stories. I think everyone has heard of them and can also appreciate their meanings. The power and ability of a person is limited. We can always meet people who are better than ourselves in some aspect. We always have things we don't understand and need to ask for advice from others.

Not ashamed to ask

Do I need to explain the sentence "three people, my teacher? I don't think so. However, there is a saying that we must explain it-"It's not a shame to ask ".

I have asked many people "which of the four words is the most critical ?". Most people say "Shame". The explanation is: "Don't feel ashamed to ask questions from people with poor abilities ". At the same time, this is what most parents and teachers gave us in childhood.

Thousands of years have passed, and we have made a mistake!

"Not ashamed to ask", not because you are ashamed to ask questions from "people with poor abilities", because the "lower" word here is wrong! It does not mean the level of ability, nor the gender of a person. "Bottom" is "bottom" of "noodles", "bottom" of "dumplings", "bottom" is "doing", and "doing" of "doing ", "do X ". In e, "bottom" is "do" and "bottom" is "make ".

"Not ashamed to ask" refers to asking questions from others with an open mind, rather than being ashamed of asking questions from others. On the other hand, we only need to satisfy others' vanity in this way, saving ourselves from the price of mistaken hits. Why not?

Smart people are basically able to accept criticism from others and humbly ask and learn to grow themselves. This is one of the shortcuts to learning!


When you accidentally make a mistakeCode, Causing major errors and high losses. What should I do? A good way to rent is to openly acknowledge and review the solution, and do your best to find a remedy and execute it! It is useless to simply put off and complain.

The common mistakes we make include uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation marks, and some parentheses. A decimal point ruined the lives of a space ship and an astronaut. This was not the first time in history, and it was related to programmers.

If we make a mistake, we will raise our head and acknowledge it! No matter what the error is, if we do not fix it, the price we will pay will become larger and larger as we accumulate over time!


I often hear the monkeys complain: "A New CTO is coming, and we want to change the platform"; "our architecture is so bad that we must redo it "; "I really don't know what the previous monkey thought." "I can't bear these broken code, broken people, and broken architects "; "This code architecture has no scalability at all "......

Refactoring is a thing that will never become extinct, because our projects are endless! On the surface and in stages, it is a more arduous way!

During the start-up period, few people were able to recruit a variety of Daniel to customize their own business platforms. Do you need to spend money to find a bull? If we start a business successfully, as the business expands rapidly, we will find that the previous architecture is increasingly unable to meet the requirements. However, due to the pressure of reality, we cannot fully reconstruct the architecture, it can only be maintained by modifying code and databases in a small scope. As the code grows and becomes increasingly huge, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain, and the code is coming back and forth ......

In other words, we do not need to refactor at this time. What should we wait? How business leaders think about this issue does not seem to be related to our little monkeys. However, when the old monkeys who are very proficient in the business are unable to stand and change their hands, is it sour or sweet in your heart? Enterprises will enter a vicious circle of technology.

In fact, must "refactoring" Be an overall reconstruction? This is not the case. We can do it at 1.1 points, even if we cannot implement more simple and easy-to-use scalability and better functions on the existing code, but at least we can reduce the bug and make it clearer and more robust.

Assume that your code is used. NET 2.0 development, when. when net 3.5 was released, you did not follow up when. when net 4.0 was released, you still haven't followed up. So far. net 4.5 is about to be officially released. You are still there, so you can dig your own holes. Who is the blame? Microsoft provides a better programming environment and Ide. You cannot use it or try it. Who is the blame? Blame Microsoft for not providing you with enough help? None! If you cannot follow up on the technology, start from detail reconstruction, or change your mind, you can only harm yourself! Harm enterprises!

The language is just one aspect. Generally, the development environment of the updated version can free up the hands of programmers, but can we enjoy it?

Except that the language is the business, if you are not familiar with the business, the overall restructuring or detailed restructuring will be a float cloud!

We did not do well before, it doesn't matter, from now on we are better than yesterday! Boys !!!

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