Programmer ---- how do you reduce the pressure? Share several programmer decompression websites ~, Decompression programmer

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Programmer ---- how do you reduce the pressure? Share several programmer decompression websites ~, Decompression programmer

Abstract:Coding at work, coding at work, and exhausting code every dayProgrammerWe can finally relax during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. However, I believe there may still be some of them fighting on the front line of the computer. Today, we are offering you a few awesome conscience websites to help you relax.

1. Calm


The website is "peaceful" like its name. The design of the website is a combination of natural pictures (warm streams in the sun, flowing messages, etc.) and slow music, it helps you relax in a short time. At the same time, you can not only set the relaxation time, but also change the audio and image, a very popular website.

2. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes


This website is simple to the extreme. When you open it, it will automatically start timing for 2 minutes. During this time, you cannot touch the mouse or keyboard. Otherwise, it will be reset in 2 minutes. So what you need to do at this time is to put down the work at hand and quietly enjoy the sound of waves. This website is a good choice for people who advocate minimalism.

3. Get Relaxed


When you open Get Relaxed, the first thought is that the website is a bit simple, but the music selected by the website is combined with the rotation of pictures, it is enough to make you relax.

4. LoungeV Studio


This is a favorite website of xiaobian. After opening the website, a warm living room screen will be displayed. You can select a video on the right. The website not only provides HD pictures and music, but also displays Natural Scenery Videos, including beach, waterfall, and underwater scenery. Imagine lying on the couch, enjoying the beautiful scenery and music... Think about the beauty of wood?

5. A Soft Murmur


This is a very amazing website, which includes the rain, the burning sound of matches, the sound of waves, the sea tide, the sound of birds, etc. You can mix different sounds to create at will, and you can adjust the volume yourself. Awesome! But is it not very easy to relax? = |

6. Nature Sounds For Me


This is actually similar to the one above, but it provides a lot of natural sounds that you don't think of, such as the jingle sound in the kitchen and the sound of the horse's angry feet, these sounds can also be freely matched. Xiaobian secretly tells you that you should never try the buzz of a bee and immediately make your head messy ......

7. Noisli


The most unique aspect of this website is that it can select different background colors and music based on your emotional changes. In addition, the design of the tab on the right is also user-friendly, so you can remember something while enjoying the quiet time.

In fact, I have not posted two other websites. After all, I have reprinted them ~ Hey, click here to view the remaining two websites ~

By the way, we would like to remind developers that they should not forget to relax and release the pressure after work. After all, the body is the capital of the revolution!

How to reduce pressure on programmers

Programmers are indeed a very laborious profession. Once a project is received, it is often a rush all night.
There is nothing in a particularly good way. Because of the high mental consumption, you often need to think about programming ideas and give him more food, such as milk, honey, etc ...... There are also healthy foods such as walnut kernels.
There is another method that may vary from person to person, not necessarily applicable to everyone. Some programmers may have a strange phenomenon. When he is working on a program, it is often not ideal to think about progress during the day. Sometimes the idea will go into a dead end, but in the middle of the night, especially after, the idea will be very clear around, you can check if he has such a situation. If yes, you can try to take a rest during the day and work at night during the project.
In fact, it is better to have someone around him. At the very least, you can urge him to arrange his work and rest. But now there is no one around him to take care of him, so you only have to rely on him.
After a long night, it is true that there will be too much fatigue, but will not be able to sleep, this thing has no special effects, you can only slowly adjust, and it is best not to let him take sleeping pills, after a long time, side effects may occur.
It is still necessary for him to stick to regular meals. Since rest cannot be guaranteed, he must try to eat more refreshing and nutritious things, for example, to make him stew frequently, stewing a little thick; also want to urge him to learn to seize the opportunity to rest, in the gap between work, the opportunity can be a little bit of preparation, or close your eyes, nourish God or.

Q: As a programmer, how can I reduce the pressure when a superior assigns you many tasks that are difficult to complete?

If you have a hard job, you can contact your friends or relax at work, or raise a grass tree or something. In fact, I suggest you find a good friend. going out for two drinks is the most relaxing thing. Hope it will help you.

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