Programmer takes you 10 days Quick Start Python, play turn computer software development (i)

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Focus on today's headlines-do the full stack siege Lion, learn the code to read, love the whole stack, more love life. Provide programmer technical and life guidance dry goods.

If you really want to study, please comment on each article that you have learned, and record the traces of your studies.

Please write the code mentioned in all the tutorial articles at least three times to achieve a familiar effect.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is mainly for programmers who have acquired a programming language. You who want to learn a second language. Have the dream of you, determined to do the full stack siege lion.

If it is small white, you can also learn this tutorial. But there may be some difficulties. If you have questions, discuss them below the article. Or add QQ group 538742639. The group was soon full, with few places.


Why learn python?

What can python do?

Installation and configuration of the Python runtime environment

To learn a language first we need to know why and why?

    1. Python is simple and efficient. Fast learning speed, high development efficiency.

    2. Input costs and less time, if you have learned a language, study completed python is one months, when the completion of Python, you will find that you write code speed and efficiency will be changed block.

    3. June 2016 Python ranked fourth in the Tiobe programming language rankings. It also means that a lot of people are using it, which is a mainstream programming language.

    4. Python is widely used in areas such as data mining and cloud computing beyond the web.

    5. Because of its development efficiency, many Java programs are now turning to Python

What can python do?

Cloud Computing (OpenStack cloud computing platform, Python implementation), data mining, game development, ERP (OPENERP is fully open source ERP, also developed by Python, OA, etc.), scientific computing, and the development of hardware, web development, operation and maintenance, testing

Overall, the scope of application is very wide.

Installation and configuration of the Python runtime environment:

    1. To download the Python language pack first, the default operating system is not included with the language pack. : Python language Pack: will find two versions of the Python language pack. So how exactly should we make the choice?

Is the difference between the two. We recommend using the 2.x version in our learning phase.

2. Installation of the development tools.

Development tools we use Pycharm. Yes: We choose to download the community version. The default installation is available.

(Optional configuration)

For ease of use, we configure the environment variables. Just so that you can run Python directly under any path in the file system. No other meaning.

Follow the configuration, my Computer-right-click Properties. Add the path of the Python language pack that you installed to the paths variable.

This completes the Python environment installation.

This is a series of lessons from Python development learning, and you can follow the following media platforms for the latest tutorials.

A little information, Sohu Media platform, QQ public platform, public platform. Penguin Media platform, UC subscription platform, Baidu release platform are "Do the full stack siege lion." For all resources in this tutorial, please follow: Fullstackcourse.

Click to focus: Today's headline is the starting platform. We can also add QQ Group: 538742639, work together. More than 300 technologies Daniel is waiting for you.

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Programmer takes you 10 days Quick Start Python, play turn computer software development (i)

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