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There are some places where there is a lake.

In ancient times, the gangs formed a lake, there are Shaolin, under the Wudang, left Emei, right there confraternity, each gang by virtue of their own advantages (such as confraternity dozen Dog Stick Law) in the lake, gangs of people to each other to grow their martial arts, occasionally open a martial arts conference to learn and absorb the good moves of not help, the winner more can become the martial arts leader, The scenery is momentary.

In the programmer industry, the lake is also invisible, programming language into a faction, in their respective fields play an important role, such as PHP to the front end of the Web,javascript, in this open lake, the programmer shuttling between the factions, absorbing the advantages of the code left by each faction, to expand their programming ability, The more the synthesizer directly disturbs the ranking of the programming language in the language rankings.

The Wordpress that Matt Mullenweg wrote makes PHP more popular.

The reason why can become a lake, not by a person's strong, but a group of people's information transmission formed, ancient martial arts conference to learn martial arts, there are inns to pass the grapevine, so that the lake can be upgraded, more complex, more powerful.

In the programmer's Lake, the offline summit, the online community has promoted the programmer's information transmission, the foreign has GitHub, the StackOverflow, the domestic has coding, segmentfault, each big language forum and so on the programmer's technical road more or less has provided the help, The ability of programmers to give back to the community after their own growth, and share the results, will certainly become their own unique wealth, just as everyone wants to show their skills in the martial arts conference.

No sharing, no community;
No sharing, no rivers and lakes.

The above describes the programmer's lake, including the content of the programmer, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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