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The tutorial uses the Photoshop design to make a new year greeting card, wishes the net friends Happy New Year! Among the tools used are gradient tools, layer styles, text tools and so on, netizens extrapolate, their own design to create a greeting card to friends and relatives ~ ~ The final effect as shown in Figure 0.

Figure 0

Production steps:

1, open Photoshop CS4 software, execute menu: "File"/"New" (shortcut key CTRL + N), pop-up "new" dialog box, name the file: cards design, set the file width is: 200 mm, the file height is set to: 100 mm, the resolution is set to: 150 pixels/ In, the color mode is selected as: RGB color, background content selected as: White, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

2, click "OK" button to complete the creation of new files, select the Gradient tool (shortcut g) in the toolbox to set the gradient type: gradient, click the Gradient Editor button on the tool's Options bar, eject the Gradient Editor dialog box, and select the gradient to: foreground to background color gradient, Sets the foreground color of the gradient color to r:237,g:1,b:29, sets the background color of the gradient color to r:120,g:11,b:26, as shown in Figure 2, and then clicks OK to complete the settings for the gradient tool.

Figure 2

3, in the selection of "background" layer of the state, using the gradient tool from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the direction of drag, add a gradient color effect for the layer, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

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