Purchase public network certificate, import into NetScaler, LDAP authentication failed

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now many enterprise customers in the external network use VDI, will buy the domain name, but combined with NetScaler, must buy SSL domain name certificate, often in the project, WI server can not connect the Internet, resulting in WI due to root certificate and intermediate license is not updated, Causes the built-in partial certificate to be invalidated .....


1. Will purchase certificate manufacturer's certificate, intermediate, root certificate manually imported into the WI server, the user through the WI authentication success

2.NetScaler requires mid is an intermediate certificate, cross is a crossover certificate, root is the root certificate (top-level certificate) Link requests the server certificate (these certificates can be issued to the customer by the certificate vendor)

The 3.link relationship is as follows (currently new certificate manufacturers, because SHA algorithm upgrade, will be one more cross certificate)

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Purchase public network certificate, import into NetScaler, LDAP authentication failed

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