PWA (Progressive Web application) + SPA (but also applied) a simple thought

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PWA (Progressive Web application) + SPA (but also applied) a simple thought Preface

It was not the professional adjective of PWA (progressive Web application) that was previously heard. At that time has actually learned that Google to do a thing, before the city so described: do not need an operating system, software directly running on the hardware. Surprised, a face blind in ...

Now also do the front end so long, the back end is also beginning to involve the time. In fact, many things in a series inside, mutual support and dependence. One day suddenly saw the thing of PWA, only to find that he has been applied, but also found that someone provided a solution. What is PWA

PWA (Progressive web Apps) is a new web app model, not specific to a cutting-edge technology or a single knowledge point, we can see from the English abbreviation, this is a progressive web app, through a series of new Web features, with excellent UI interaction design to incrementally enhance the Web APP's user experience. What is spa

One-page Web application (single-page application, SPA) is a special Web application. It confines all activities to one Web page, and only loads the corresponding HTML, JavaScript, and CSS when the Web page is initialized. Once the page is loaded, spa does not reload or jump the page because of user action. Instead, it uses JavaScript to dynamically transform the HTML inside (using div toggle display and hide), thus enabling the UI to interact with the user. By avoiding the reload of the page, SPA offers a smoother user experience. Thanks to Ajax, we can achieve no jump refresh, and thanks to the browser's histroy mechanism, we use hash changes to achieve the push interface changes. What is the advantage of PWA + spa for HTTPS environment deployment. Responsive design, one deployment, which can be run on mobile devices and PC devices. can be accessed normally in different browsers. The browser is offline and the weak network environment can be accessed with speed. You can add the APP Icon Portal to your desktop. Click the Icon entrance to have a similar Native App animation effect. Flexible hot-Update template ERA

Why do I call it the template age? is because the front end of that era is called the cut cub, the backend generates an HTML template, returns to the client, and renders it into an HTML page, ah, slow one. The age of creation and separation

The traditional MCV form: Front-End write HTML, back-end set of interface, turn into a JSP may be like Freemarker,velocity,beetl (domestically recommended) this template engine. Arranged together perhaps dynamic separation arrangement. The opening form of front and rear separation: Front-End writing html5,js,css3+ front end mvc form (backbone maybe Angular framework is good) + back-end RESTful data interface.
The example of the separation of the front and back ends is the spa (single-page application), where all the presentation data used is supplied by the backend via the process asynchronous Interface (AJAX/JSONP), which is displayed at the front end. Summary

PWA + Spa will definitely create a new web age, and I am looking forward to it. Their combination, Gao Kaifa efficiency, low cost, reduce maintenance difficulty, improve the life cycle and so on ..., it is estimated that the new era of creationism will come lavas He is a solution, incredibly not a framework

Lavas Solution: Https://

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