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Brief introduction

PWA is a new web front-end technology launched by Google, the full name of Progressive Web App, which Google introduced in 2015 and launched in June 2016, is a combination of a series of modern web technologies, Implement a user experience that is similar to native apps in Web applications.

PWA does not describe a technology, but a collection of technologies. PWA is specifically designed to address mobile web development, through the maturation of new technologies to achieve the best Web + mobile APP. That means you feel like you're using the APP when you're using the Web.

PWA Features
    • Progressive: Ensure that each user can open the Web page;
    • Responsive: PC, mobile phone, tablet, whatever format, Web page can be perfectly adapted
    • Offline Response: Support users can open the Web page without a network, where service workers are required;
    • App: the ability to interact with users like apps
    • Frequently updated: Once the Web page has changed, it can be immediately displayed on the client side
    • Security: Security is the first, to their own website plus a green lock-https;
    • searchable: Can be searched by the engine
    • Push: To push a new message without opening the page
    • Installable: The ability to add web-like apps to the desktop without the need to go through the store
    • Jump: You can jump to your Web page with just one connection. (easy to share apps with URLs and run without complicated installation)
Technologies required by PWA
    • Push (push message)
    • Cache
    • Manifest (App manifest: Defines a JSON-based manifest that provides developers with a centralized place to place metadata associated with a Web application)
    • Responsive Dev
    • Material Design
    • Service worker (part of cache, and part of Worke)
PWA and other apps
    • Native APP
      Refers to the native app, is a complete app, extensible, requires users to download and install the use of

    • Web APP
      Apps that are written in HTML5 language, live in a browser, do not need to be downloaded and installed

    • Hybird app
      Semi-native semi-web hybrid app that needs to be downloaded and installed

PWA in China



I feel that PWA involves a lot more APIs. If you want to study thoroughly, you need to study the API that it involves and study it slowly.

PWA Web App Model

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