Python pros and cons analysis and Python types, coding-class notes and after-school summaries

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1, the shortcomings of Python:

May run slightly less quickly than other types of languages. The C language is the best at running performance, because C is closest to the bottom of the computer.

2, the advantages of Python:

1), large data processing, has a special function module, more convenient.

2), Linux comes with Python, the use of more extensive, more convenient.

3), Python can do automated processing, automation operations.

4), Python small digital pool: -5~257, improve efficiency, save memory space

3. Types of Python:

Cpython: Use the C interpreter to interpret the extension:. PYC C Interpreter-.PYC (bytecode)-Machine code-CPU
Jpython: Using Java interpreter Java bytecode, machine code->CPU
IronPython: Using C # interpreter C # bytecode-machine-code->CPU

PyPy: Fast running speed, principle: Interpreter---byte code----compiled into machine code--Directly run the machine code, the user runs directly using the machine code, so run fast.

  Summary: CPython runs fast. The Python principles of all languages are roughly the same, PyPy will definitely fire!

4. Python Code:

Unicode: Universal code, a standard encoding, Python2 the encoding that is used by default. At least 16 bits are required to store. Other encodings are optimized for this encoding, such as UTF-8,GBK.

UTF-8: Compression and refinement of Unicode (numbers, letters and ASCII codes using 8-bit encoding to store), Python3 default encoding used, European characters: 2 bytes, 16-bit storage; Chinese characters: 3 bytes, 24 bit storage

  Summary: Python3 default encoding is UTF-8, encoding conversion principle: first converted to Unicode and then converted to other encodings

  Coding encode:unicode-> UTF8

Decoding decode:utf8-> Unicode

The above are my class notes, welcome to add, thank you!

Python pros and cons analysis and Python types, coding-class notes and after-school summaries

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