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At present, a wide variety of QQ Trojan, powerful, and easy to learn and use, even beginners will also be used! Because of this, QQ Trojan is so easy to overrun, now the Internet Café, school room ... 30% may be loaded on the Trojan horse, and everyone's awareness of theft is not high, QQ stolen is a common thing. When QQ is stolen, how can we want to return it?! This is my answer online users n times the question, now summed up for your reference:

To want to return to QQ it is necessary to understand how the next QQ is stolen, "small hackers" commonly used the following kinds of stealing QQ:
(1) Install Trojan Horse program. QQ stolen 95% are in the other people installed the Trojan horse program. What is called Trojan program you also do not have to understand, as if you are on QQ has a thing recorded your QQ password, and then sent out by email to tell others.
(2) The stolen number, which is often said on the online crack. This method is only simple to password users effective, and the speed is not good, the number of the designated theft rate is almost zero, unless you steal your QQ guy's brain a bit of a problem, the password to: 110,119, or after your password add a 1,0 ... such as easy to guess the solution of the password. Do not understand it does not matter, you think that there is a person to help you to QQ do not understand the password, random number, the letter so the combination when the password to try to log on!

(3) Local cracking. When you have a computer on the QQ will leave something on the computer, then come through some means to break out of what you left behind, this thing may be your QQ password (you log on QQ when you choose to save the password), perhaps your other information ...

QQ is stolen how to return QQ password?
If you apply for password protection, go directly to it, you can not receive the mail? It is possible that the network is busy, try several times, wait a long time, it is possible that your mailbox does not support, Tencent's password mail can not be sent. We emphasize the latter situation, many people will give up when they see it. In fact, do not give up, password information can be modified, perhaps you play so long QQ did not notice, so now have to pay attention to. You can go here and modify your password-protected mailbox based on your password protection information. And get your qq! back.

If you apply for QQ password protection, but forgot password protection information, how to do?! Don't be discouraged, first go to see your password protection question is what, do not know how to go?! Click here Why do I ask you to see the password to ask first?! After all, you set your own password protection problem is the answer to your side, you do not blindly think that have forgotten what to see?! You forget, maybe the question is "My birthday is how much" you will not forget your birthday it?! Try to answer the password protection question and try it a few more times. Really not, we can only go to fill in the QQ complaint form, the required information, your QQ two friends QQ number, your previous password used, that is, your QQ history password, but also need your QQ before the "Johnny ..." I don't remember what information I need, so you go and see what you want to fill in. How much can fill in filling! Teach you to fill out a convincing QQ number complaint information. And then go to see it every day to deal with your complaints no, no more complaints several times. No more processing, to Tencent email, QQ user support mailbox: service@tencent.com every day to send a few letters to see how he answered?!

The above methods are not?! I'm not talking about so much. Don't worry, I've got one more thing to be sure of. As long as this QQ is yours, you have 80% chance to return to your QQ password, also can want to return to you previously forgot password protection material! That is to call Tencent, Tencent has customer complaints telephone, QQ User Service Hotline: 0755-83765566 (Working time: Monday to Friday 9:00-12:30,14:00-17:30). After connecting you don't worry, first explain your complaint, inside that MM will ask you some questions, anyway are some easy, some forget you said forget, in order to convince her, you can say more about your QQ related information. Just like the last time I helped my friend, she asked me my ID number. Damn it, I remember what else to do with the phone?! I said aloud, "I have forgotten the N years ago, but I can tell you, my last time on QQ on the probably 1个小时34分 also spent 3 yuan, I QQ has #¥#¥¥#¥! ¥¥, my QQ avatar and ¥%¥¥%%, I changed n times password, each time is%%......%# ... Said my saliva transverse fly, red, sweltering ... After that, I gasped and looked around, startled! Next to the people are puzzled to stare at me, and some still do not know what to whisper ... Pay such a huge image cost of course has the harvest! Finally, she asked me to send e-mail to the QQ Customer complaint box, and agreed to the relevant aspects of the staff to negotiate the change of password mail sent to my new mailbox! (Note: If you think you can't talk to her, you can tell her something else, such as: "How much do you Christina?") "Your voice is very gentle!" ”...... Praise her happy, your success rate is a little bit bigger. You are assured that she dare not angry with you, more afraid to hang up your phone. If you dare, complain about her and say she is rude to clients! Oh...... )

This should be a trick. Must not be your mouth to have problems or you are not intimate to mm, you have to learn to mm Pro Hot spot again dozen to see: again ... No more?!! That QQ should not you?! In case of really not (must be you call Tencent when you are touching the phone that mm angry or lovelorn, do not accept your request! I still have a few extreme methods, that is, a tooth for an eye. It installed Trojan stolen my QQ I will not pretend to steal him? Of course, it's impossible to know where he is surfing the internet and then go ahead and install it. But you also make a Trojan page to send him ah. (Won't do it to come to me) he's a poor thief. You can also be a thief to come back ah?! (This is coolie work, I do not recommend you to do!) )

Not yet? So scary?! I've got one last trick, "The Beautiful Man" or "The beauty meter", the day you were stolen QQ online, first to find a way to ask each other is male is female, is a man with a mm QQ and he chat, slowly seduce him, until he is willing to give QQ to you. If you are a woman, you will do the same. Pay attention to the age of each other, do not easily tell him (her) your age, in case he (she) think you are not suitable for him (her), he (she) will ignore you. To return to QQ after scold him (her) a meal, Solution snort:) (but I do not agree with scold mm Oh!) )

I recently found a loophole in Tencent, we can try the following methods:

We all know can use their "QQ number + password" to log into the Tencent community. One day, the author suddenly found that the old password unexpectedly can also enter, but when the author with a new password login again, the old password is invalid.
It seems that the Tencent Community's database is not synchronized with the data on the QQ server. If the password entered is consistent with the Community database, it is allowed to log in; The Community database downloads the new data on the QQ server, contrasts it, and then updates the data for the Community database.

How to use:

1. Most netizens QQ password is stolen because did not set password protection, once was stolen to take office dumbfounded. But now two databases are not synchronized, we can "mend the time". Once found stolen, immediately use the old password to log into the Tencent community, and then use the old data to apply for password protection, so that the password can be retrieved.

2. If you find that you can log in using the old password, but have been applied for password protection, how to do? In fact, the person who steals QQ will not use it immediately after changing the password. You just add one months QQ members, and then use the phone to retrieve the password, but this method will cost 10 yuan.

The above is I want to tell you all the way back to QQ password. In fact, to return the QQ password in addition to the above methods there is no other way, some website propaganda said "as long as you pay 20 dollars, and provide a history password, was stolen before the call ..." and other information assurance can help you to return to QQ. "You can go and see here. They also cover up that they want to provide this information is to be able to verify whether QQ is your own, but also blowing through what advanced technology to crack ... You must not believe, do not waste 20 of dollars go to that place!

Everyone move the brain, the above method is not very difficult to achieve, first try their own hands! If you do not even have your QQ number history password, and some other basic information to forget the words of course is not back, then you forget it! Do not expect through what online crack, install Trojan ... Steal back your QQ number, that probability is almost 0% ah. Here I tell you again, all their hands, find their QQ password, I wish you good luck! }:)

three tricks to prevent QQ passwords from being stolen

The first recruit: Copy and paste Trojan, note that now the new version does not support "Ctrl + V" password pasted.
Each login QQ before, a new text file, and type the password after copying, close the text file (do not save) open QQ, with "Ctrl + V" To paste the password into the password bar, so you can prevent the vast majority of the QQ Trojan horse.

Second recruit: Always change password security
Login QQ Use a password, after the use of the "New password" in the column to enter another password, so you can prepare two commonly used passwords, but also to prevent most of the QQ Trojan.

The third trick: moving flowers and picking wood
  If you have a keyboard recorder, then you can refer to this method. If your QQ password is "5009", do not enter the order one at a time, this keyboard will be directly recorded by the Trojan, you can first enter "509", and then the cursor to "5" after the input "0", so that you enter the password is still "5009", but in the "Trojan" looks like you entered the " 5090 ", so the password is protected.

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