Raspberry Pi 3B Installation micro-Snow Lcd5inch display (includes soft keyboard)

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Raspberry Pi When used alone, often need touch screen and soft keyboard for easy operation, micro-snow LCD display can better realize this function,

Just as the lab buys a 3 b board and a 5inch monitor, it installs the official installation manual once.

One: Material preparation

    1. Raspberry Pi Official image, I am using 2016-05-27-raspbian-jessie mirror
    2. Win32DiskImager.exe is used to burn images.
    3. USB Reader
    4. Matchbox-keyboard.zip Micro-Snow LCD panel soft Keyboard
    5. Raspberry Pi LCD Driver 160813

Two: Image Burn-in

  1. Download the image file to your computer (PC) and extract the. img file.
  2. Insert the TF card into the computer via USB reader, open Win32DiskImager.exe, select the image img file in 1, select the Raspberry Pi tf card disk, click on the Write burn image.
  3. After the burn is complete, copy the Raspberry Pi LCD driver to the boot directory, edit the Config.txt file under Boot, add the following code at the end of the file, and save it.
    1     max_usb_current=1
    2     hdmi_group=23     hdmi_mode=4     48060  600
  4. Remote Connection Raspberry Pi, I use a network cable directly connected to the Raspberry Pi, the specific reference http://www.whatled.com/post-1526.html
  5. Before you copy the Raspberry Pi LCD driver to/boot, do the following (external USB keyboard required)
    1     Tar xzvf/boot/lcd-show-2     CD lcd-show/3     ./lcd5-show
  6. After rebooting, install the LCD monitor to the Raspberry Pi. However, the soft keyboard function has not yet been implemented.

Three: Installation of soft keyboard (virtual keyboard)

  1. Execute the following command to install the appropriate software
    1     sudo apt-get  update2     sudo apt-get install Libfakekey-dev Libpng-dev Libxft-dev autoconf libtool-y
  2. download Matchbox-keyboard.zip, unzip and copy to Raspberry system, execute the following command
     1  CD matchbox-< Span style= "COLOR: #000000" >keyboard  2  chmod + x autogen.sh  3  sudo./autogen.sh  4   sudo make  5   sudo make install  6  sudo apt-get  install libmatchbox1-y  7  sudo nano/usr/bin/toggle-matchbox-keyboard.sh 
  3. copy the following into toggle-matchbox-keyboard.sh, and save
     1  #!/bin/bash  2  #This script Toggle the  Virtual   keyboard  3  pid= ' pidof Matchbox-keyboard '  4  if  [!-e $PID]; then  5  Killal L Matchbox-keyboard  6  else  7  matchbox-keyboard-s 50  extended&8  fi 
  4. execute the following command
     1  sudo chmod +x/usr/bin/toggle-matchbox-keyboard.sh  2  sudo nano/usr/local/share/applications/ Toggle-matchbox-keyboard.desktop 
  5. Copy the following to Toggle-matchbox-keyboard.desktop, save exit
     1   [Desktop Entry]  2  name=toggle matchbox Keyboard  3  comment=toggle matchbox Keyboard '  4  exec=toggle-matchbox-keyboard.sh  5  type=application  6  icon=matchbox-keyboard.png  7  categories=panel; Utility; MB  8  x-mb-input-mechansim=true 
  6. execute the following command, note that the step must use the "PI" user right, and if you use administrator rights, you will not find the file
     1  Nano ~/.config/lxpanel/ Lxde-pi/panels/panel 
  7. found a command similar to the following (different versions of the icons may differ)
      1   Plugin {   2  type = Launchbar   3   Config {  4   button {  5  id=lxde-SC Reenlock.desktop   6  }   7   button {  8  ID=LX De-logout.desktop   9   " 10 } 
  8. Add the following code to add a button entry, such as
    1     Button {2     id=/usr/local/share/applications/toggle-matchbox-        keyboard.desktop  3     }

9. Perform the following command to restart the system, you can see the upper left corner more than a virtual keyboard icon

1     sudo reboot

Four: summary

    1. The overall installation process, the early Raspberry Pi and computer interconnection and Raspberry Pi network connection needs to be noted, I am using a network cable directly connected.
    2. When installing LCD driver, if an error occurs, try to be an administrator of luck, if the error, the direct installation of the LCD display screen when the attempt to start the normal display.
    3. Installation time overall down also about one hours, overall down is easy, micro-snow different sizes of LCD display installed soft keyboard way seems not quite the same. This specific is not textual.

Five: Install the required tools and mirrors.

Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dE2Mj4H Password 8TQQ

Raspberry Pi 3B Installation micro-Snow Lcd5inch display (includes soft keyboard)

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