Raspberry Pi How to display Chinese

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    Once the Raspberry Pi system is installed, the "raspi-config" tool appears for the first boot, such as: (if it is not initially started, in command mode, please enter the sudo raspi-config command to bring up this interface.) If you open the desktop's LXT client under the graphical desktop, the sudo raspi-config command can also be used to bring up the tool.

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    1, such as , through the keyboard up and down, the blue bar, move to the 4th step "internationalisation Options", enter, will appear:

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    2, for example, "Change Locale", is the choice of Chinese, select it, and enter into, get:

    (If you want to restore a system that is already in Chinese to English or other languages, enter it)

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    3, using the keyboard up and down (you can also page Down/pgdn page, faster), move the cursor to the "*" Number of options "en_gb." UTF-8 UTF-8"(This is the system is enabled by default, you need to remove the preceding asterisk" * ", tapping the spacebar can be removed or selected):

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    4, continue to page, find "en_US." UTF-8 UTF-8","zh_cn. UTF-8 UTF-8","zh_cn. GBK GBK These three options ", such as the following two images. The default three items are not preceded by an asterisk, you need to use the space bar to each of the three items are marked with the * number, and then use the TAB key to move the cursor to "OK":

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    5, use the TAB key, move the cursor to "OK", then hit enter, enter, and then move the cursor to "ZH_CN UTF-8", and then enter, the system will automatically set:

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    6. Automatic Setup ... and restart the Raspberry Pi.

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    7. Raspberry Pi default is the English font, and the system is not pre-installed Chinese font, so even if we have been set in the locale in Chinese, will not display Chinese, will only show a bunch of blocks out. Reboot will find all the text of the Raspberry Pi is displayed as blocks, so we need to manually install the Chinese font to complete the success of Chinese.

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    Fortunately, there is a Chinese font is free open source use in SSH or terminal LXT enter the following command:

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    If encountered during installation (y/n), select Y

    Chinese font After the installation is complete, a Chinese input method is also required. Enter the following command

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    The same installation process, the installation is completed after the input

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    Then restart, after the boot is Chinese.

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    Restart complete can be connected to the VNC after the use of Chinese display and Chinese input method, switching Chinese input method is the same ctrl+space.

Raspberry Pi How to display Chinese

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