Rational insight and Rational Team concert integrated environment deployment

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IBM Rational Insight is the integrated solution developed by rational to improve the measurement and management efficiency of software projects by extracting and analyzing the data extracted and analyzed by Insight, such as rational ClearQuest, rational The development processes in the data sources, such as ClearCase, Rational Team concert, manage the data and generate the data warehouse accordingly, and then visualize the report presentation. The Rational Team concert is a collaborative software delivery platform based on Jazz, and is an important strategic product and platform for rational, providing customizable and convenient and efficient software development process control functions. Because of the importance of these two products, a project metrics solution based on Rational Team concert data is a very important feature in the rational Insight.


Software development process Management is a topic of great concern to all software development companies or related practitioners, and it can be said that the quality of the software is determined by the degree to which the company's viability is even more important than the software development technology itself. The management of software development is the management of its elements, generally speaking, the elements of software development include Resource, Code, change, Configuration, Test, iteration, builds, cost and so on. The core content of software development management is to manage the whole lifecycle of these elements, and to improve the maturity of management ability continuously according to the measurement of these elements.

IBM Rational provides the industry with a leading software development process management solution that has lasted for nearly 30 years. Today, as a scalable, scalable team collaboration platform, the rational is endowed with the ability to seamlessly integrate element management into the software lifecycle, the rational Next generation collaborative software delivery platform.

The Rational Team concert, the RTC, is a collaborative tool for software development based on Jazz. Its lightweight features make it easier to configure, use, and manage than a change management tool such as Rational ClearQuest, which makes it more flexible and customizable. The RTC not only provides change management functionality, but also provides support for progress management, human resource allocation, team collaboration, versioning, and build management, and it can be said that the RTC basically meets the one-stop service for management functions in software development projects. Furthermore, with its open source and scalable features, RTC will be increasingly in the forefront of software process management in the foreseeable future, as is the case with Eclipse in the area of software development.

Rational Insight, hereinafter referred to as the insight, is a new IBM product released in 2009, with Rational Software process management tools for data sources, such as but not limited to ClearQuest ClearCase RTC and other products, through the design and implementation of standards The REST Service data interface extracts data in real time and forms an XML dataset, and then transforms the XML dataset into a relational dataset through a custom ODBC Driver, which is used as the raw data to generate the Data warehouse. Based on industry-leading Cognos business intelligence software, Insight generates data warehouses for raw data and displays them through customizable reports, and is used by stakeholders in the software development process as a basis for continuous evaluation and improvement of software process capabilities.

The advantage of the RTC lies in the management of the software process, and the Insight's advantage lies in the measurement of the software process. Therefore, how to integrate the two and deploy in a real production environment, with the advantage of both advantages to improve the software process capability is very important and substantive significance, which is equivalent to the results of 1+1>2.

For this, the reader is the configuration administrator for the Process management tool in the software company, or anyone who wants to understand the process management and measurement product integration solution for Rational software projects. Of course, ordinary developers or project managers can benefit from it, and understand how the results of the software process metrics are generated.

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