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On the computer, the most common media Player is realplay, but usually people only know its general playback function, how to optimize to let it work better on the few people know, there are some common problems in the use of the process and how to solve, the following to discuss the use of realplay under the problem and solutions.

One, set RealPlayer to the best working condition

RealPlayer uses the signal flow technology (to put a large media file, such as audio, video, etc., decomposed into a small number of parts, you can watch the season, and not wait until the full download to watch), you can make it by some settings to achieve better working status.

You can customize the RealPlayer by changing the settings in the Preferences window (opened from the View menu). These settings control various aspects of the RealPlayer application, such as the number of RealPlayer files, network information, and proxy server information. In addition, general labels include preferences for several aspects of RealPlayer general features. For example, through the main file to achieve the current file use, control the number of files.

The setup of Performance preferences adjusts system compatibility. They should not be changed in most cases. However, they can be helpful if you are in an older system or you are experiencing special video problems.

(1) Playback performance: RealPlayer Use this setting to optimize the performance of clip playback. You need to change this performance setting only if your computer appears to be slow or there is a problem with the playback content.

(2) Clip cache (default 4MB): To speed up the playback of commonly used content, you can allow RealPlayer to put it into the cache, as the Web browser does. Not all content can be put into the cache, only those that are created with the cache in mind. To change the default selection, click Settings.

(3) Clip Cache size: Reset the cache Size (min. 4MB). To modify the cache size, you must restart RealPlayer. To empty the old data, click Empty clip Cache. Emptying the cache does not change the file size, it only clears the cached data. If you need to regain disk space, you can reduce the size of the cache or deactivate it.

(4) Playing from a web link: Sometimes clips are set to be downloaded or run only from the Web server rather than from the realserver. RealPlayer can play these clips instead of downloading them. To change the default settings, click Settings to enable instant playback. Note that this feature is available only when used with IE3.0 or later versions of .

(5) Enable instant playback (default is enabled): Enable or disable this feature by selecting this option.

(6) Disable 16-bit sound (8-bit only): Use this setting if your sound card is older and the sound of the clip is poor or distorted.

(7) Disable custom sampling rate: Use this setting if the clip is playing at an incorrect speed, the sound is poor, or distorted.

(8) video card compatibility: Enable or disable "use optimized video display." If enabled, older cards or video drivers may not work correctly. If your video is not working stably, it is recommended that you disable this optimization video.

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