Repair and maintenance of hard drive bad track of notebook computer

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When you are working on a notebook computer, if you read a file or run a software, it often goes wrong, the system starts slowly, or it takes a long time to operate successfully. During the hard drive constantly read the disk and make a harsh noise: or on the boot system can not boot through the hard drive, the CD can be turned to the hard disk after the boot letter. But can not enter, use SYS command conduction system also cannot succeed. Severe when the system will not start normally, or the normal use of frequent no reason for the Blue Bang. This means that some of the sectors where the hard disk is uploading data are bad, that is, the hard drive has a bad track.

The hard drive appears to be bad except for the quality of the plate itself and the reason for the aging. is largely due to improper use of the usual causes. Hard drive bad road according to its nature can be divided into logical bad road and physical bad road two kinds. Logical bad way is due to some software or improper use, usually the bad way can be repaired by software means, physical bad way refers to the hard disk itself magnetic media problems.  This type of failure is not well repaired. After you determine if the hard drive has a bad path. It is not certain whether the bad word is a logical or physical damage. Can only follow from simple to complex steps to repair, general logic bad way after simple software repair can solve the fault. But some physical bad way need further repair to be able to guarantee hard disk data safe and normal use.

First, with Windaws with disk tools

Under normal circumstances, the hard drive produces logical bad way may be that some genuine software will be in some parts of the hard disk to write information. Other software will not be able to access this sector, in this case. The hard drive detection tool will also fall to the view that the sector produces a bad path. This situation does not need to be repaired. Today's software rarely picks up this type of encryption.

There is also a situation where improper use is caused. For example, the hard disk was accidentally restarted while reading data. It is possible to produce logical bad way, serious even can produce physical bad, at this time can use WINDNWS Disk tool to scan the hard disk, and automatic repair of errors.

The scan time varies depending on disk capacity and scanning options. It is noteworthy that in Winsows's computers system. Does not show the fineness of each sector, so this is usually the case. It is best to choose DOS Disk Detection Tool ScanDisk.

ScanDisk detects each sector. And a bad sector is flagged. In order to avoid the operating system to continue to access this area, to ensure the stability of the system and data security.

In general, the bad track on the hard drive still exists after the repair is completed by the above method.

Just flagged, the system will not continue to access. But with the continued use of the hard drive, it may be found that the hard drive bad road is likely to spread, so this approach can not fundamentally solve the problem.

The better way is to backup the hard disk data. Then reformat the hard drive. Generally speaking, if the fault on the hard disk is only logical bad way. Can completely solve the problem. Of course, it is recommended that after the partition and format, use the DOS ScanDisk again to detect the hard drive. Make sure the hard drive logic is completely repaired.

If you follow the above steps to reformat, and still find the hard drive has a ring, then the hard drive is likely to have a physical bad. This elbow can use another software to the hard drive for low-level format, and then to repartition the format, some hard drive bad road may be resolved in this way.

Two. Low-level formatted hard drive

Low-level formatted hard disk for short. There are two kinds of ways: one is the low grid tool that is brought by the motherboard BIOS. One is to use the software in the way of low lattice. The method of using the low grid tool with the motherboard BIOS is limited by the motherboard. Some motherboards are not equipped with such programs in the BIOS. And most of the new type of motherboards do not have this low grid function. So it is recommended to use software to do low-level format of the hard disk.

Third, shielding physical bad road

If you still find a bad path after low-level formatting, you can determine that there is a physical bad path on the hard drive. Physical bad road is usually caused by severe impact or sudden power failure in the use of hard disk, and it is possible that the magnetic media damage caused by irregular movement of the magnetic head during high speed rotation of the disc. This type of failure, even if the bad track is marked by a disk-detection software, will not continue to access the sector, still spread after a call to ask, because of bad marks. The hard drive may still be able to access the sectors around the bad road, causing the spread of the bad road. So. In order to avoid the spread of bad, it is best to shield the bad road into an unused partition.

Shield loop to an unused partition. You can use the partition magician. The software has DOS and Windows two versions, and if the hard drive is formatted, there are still bad zones, and Windows is not installed at this time.

You should use the DOS version of PQ MagIC.

Before using PQ Magic for partitioning, the first step is to find the location of the bad track. You can first through the ScanDisk to scan the disk surface, the hard drive of the rough way to understand, can be accurate scoring area of the scheme. For example, the hard drive bad road around 30%, you can use pqmagic the hard drive on the front of C disk roughly 35%~40% space into a hidden partition. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Start PC Magic, click on the icon on the C disk button, select the Adjust capacity/Move menu item in the shortcut menu that pops up.

2. There will be a pull bar, just the C disk from the hard drive from the beginning of the position can be happy. After pulling the tool bar can see the hard drive starting position after correction (: Disk before the}i1 Chuan 艟 display. After determining exit, wait for PQ magic to move the partition, and then restart the computer, the hard drive bad road is already in the hidden partition, the operating system cannot access.

The new partitions are scanned after the bad block is completed, and Scan-disk can still be used to ensure that the bad track is completely screened to the hidden partition. Cut out of space if the user feels a pity, you can also create a new partition before the bad way, if you don't divide the bad way into the new partition again. In general, do not do so, so as to avoid too many partitions and too fragmented. can affect disk performance.

The shielding partition method only applies to the hard drive bad road to compare the situation, if the hard drive bad road more dispersed is more troublesome, at this time recommends replacing the hard drive to ensure system stability and the safety of digging.

Through the above operation can repair the hard drive logical bad way or block bad to the hidden partition. In order to ensure the stability of the system and data file security.

Four, software repair

For-mat with Fdisk and formatting commands. When using the command, the emirate must first understand the capacity of the hard drive, for the problematic disk, first use Fdisk into a C disk, then format it, and when you encounter a bad path that cannot be repaired, the format always tries to fix it, then the percentage that is recorded, and then press CTRL + BREAK Key combination force to terminate the task, with the total capacity of magnetic preparation of x percentage, to get this part of the normal disk capacity, with Fidsk draw a logical disk, a disk in the back estimated the approximate size of the ring road, about the proportion of io% around, and then divided into a logical disk. This small disk does not have to be formatted, after the overall work is done to delete it, so that the bad block to all jump past.  This may lose some good road, but it is insignificant to the large-capacity hard drive, and the hard disk is more stable to use. Use specialized bad-track zoning tools, such as Fbdisk. Fbdisk is a DOS-specific software that discovers bad heads and isolates them, only one file, only dozens of KB. The operation is very simple, first make a bootable to Dos floppy disk, put the Fbdisk on a floppy disk, use it to boot the system, note that the system can only hang a hard disk to repair, and will be connected to the main hard disk on the line. After entering DOS, as long as can find hard drive, run Fbdisk, the small program will first scan the hard disk by track, found that the bad way is displayed, but also estimates the overall scan will take a long time, all scanned, the program will be based on the scan results and environmental conditions will give users a new zoning scheme to If accepted, press the "Y" key, otherwise the user's hard drive will be processed.

There is a special kind of bad way, the surface looks terrible, but in fact very good repair, if the system shows track o Had,disk un-usble meaning O track damage, hard disk is not available, or use ScanDisk scan other hard drive when its o sector appears red B. We all know that the hard disk sector is the most important place, after the damage can not be used, the general people often will appear such a failure of the hard disk for scrap processing. In fact, the use of some disk software, the scrap of the O sector shielding, and the use of 1 sectors can be replaced by the effect of the dead, such software such as Pctools9.0 and NU8.

The repair of the physical bad road

Because the method of dealing with the physical bad way is more complicated, it is introduced in two kinds of situations.

1. The bad way is not in the O sector the so-called O sector refers to the physical first sector of the hard disk, this sector is also called the primary boot area, and the hard drive's dominant file is written in this sector, and if the bad path appears in this sector, not only does it fail to boot the system, but it also fails to install the system in the usual way. When a bad track appears on the hard drive, if you continue to read and write to the broken section, it is easy to physically damage the disk media adjacent to the bad path, resulting in more bad results. Therefore, the most commonly used principle is to isolate the physical bad track and normal tracks, the principle is to use tool software to the bad road in the area vacated, for this area does not use disk space allocation. Because disk space is not allocated, users cannot access the area again, thereby preventing the spread of bad traffic.

The use of tool software can be used to isolate hard drive bad road. There are a lot of software fixes for this type of hard drive failure, Partition MagIC, Fb-disk, fdisk, and formatting commands for-mat.

2. Bad channel distribution in 0 sectors if the bad track destroys the o sector of the hard drive, the system will display track O had when it starts.

Disk unusable (O track damage, hard disk can not use), then use ScanDisk program Scan can see the start of C disk cluster B logo, hard disk 0 track damage to compare headaches, but reasonable use of some disk software, such as Pctools9.0 and NU8 can be repaired.

3. Reduce the hard drive bad way (1) to keep clean, prevent static electricity Although the hard disk is a sealed body, but if the environment dust too much or will cause hard disk contact bad, local short circuit or dust into the body of the disk and other faults, so keep hard drive and use the environment of the Qing Hao is very important. Similarly, users in the disassembly of the hard drive should be careful to prevent static electricity, the invisible killer of the hard disk, it is easy to create hard drive bad road, so in the disassembly of the hard drive must first hand and metal tools to other grounded metal body touch a few times, the electrostatic discharge 撺 after the operation. Do not be small to the hard drive charged Plug and pull.

(2) light handle, correct shutdown although many hard disk manufacturers claim that their hard disk use a lot of hard disk protection technology or hard disk can resist some external shocks, but in the usual use of hard disk should not be taken lightly, light handle is a good habit of protecting hard disk, it can avoid the head and disc impact and scratch the disc surface of the magnetic layer, Causing the physical damage to the hard drive and creating a bad path. Similarly, the correct shutdown of the computer is also to reduce the instantaneous power supply pulse damage caused by the good habit, and do not often conveniently on the power off, because this will make the hard disk head can not be properly reset and caused by the disk surface scratches.

(3) Regular collation, attention to backup a hard disk after a long time will certainly produce a large number of file fragments, too much fragmentation will cause application startup and execution slows down.

So you should get into the habit of keeping your hard drive on a regular basis. In addition, after a long time, the application will create many temporary files in the C:windowstemp folder on the hard disk and you can delete them. In order to prevent the hard drive bad road damage caused by the hard drive early, it is important to back up the important data in the hard disk, you can use the system's own or external tool software to save the hard disk partition table, boot record and CMOS information to the floppy disk or other hard disk, if the hard disk fails, They will become the repair hard disk right-hand man (4) Attention to antivirus, attention to set up the necessary anti-virus technology system security software is to prevent viruses, Troy Trojans or logic bombs caused damage to the hard disk. In addition, the motherboard BIOS related content to be set properly, especially for some old motherboard, due to its automatic identification of hard disk specifications are imperfect, often due to improper settings to affect the use of hard disk, light hard disk can not be used, heavy damage to the hard drive.

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