Ruby on rails development from scratch (windows) (1)-use InstantRails to quickly build a Ruby On Rails Development Environment

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I have always been very interested in Ruby on Rails. I want to see something that has been praised by many people, but I have been working on windows development, it is still a headache to build the development environment of Ruby on Rails, Which is why Ruby on rails has not been studied. I just saw InstantRails In javaeye, an All-In-One suite, which can help you quickly build a Ruby On Rails development environment. Then I immediately tried it. Fortunately, it was quite smooth, at least you can run the example that comes with it. The following describes how to use InstantRails to quickly build a Ruby on Rails development environment.


1. Download InstantRails:

: Http:// Group_id = 904. I downloaded the latest version 1.7.

2. Decompress instantrails-1.7-win.zipin the terminal, and then run the instantrails.exe program.


The system is just running. To start mysql and apache, it may prompt that port 80 is in use,

In this case, you need to modify the apache configuration file and change the settings related to port 80, for example, 81. Here, you only need to search and replace it.

Restart apache after completion. After completion, it should be similar to the screen that appears:

Then you can start running the instance.

3. Run the Rails Applications \ Manage Rails applications on the left-side icon. The following interface is displayed:

Here we select typo-2.6.0 and click start with Mongrel. When the prompt "Use CTRL + C to Stop" is displayed in the pop-up command line window, you can run the example program.

4. Enter the address http: // 3002 in the browser. The example runs and is a blog program. After creating a user and setting it up, you can browse the home page,

It's easy, because the development environment of Ruby on Rails is not enough. Try it.

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